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The AES program is thankful for the generous support of our alumni, faculty, staff and friends.  We are indebted to all who give to Michigan State University and the College of Engineering in support of our students, scholarships and programs.

The AES program, students and scholarships are supported by three different funds.

The Applied Engineering Sciences Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are immediately available to the program at the discretion of the program director.  The funds may cover expenses associated with student travel, professional development, events, and/or support of student activities.

The Applied Engineering Sciences Discretionary Endowment Fund

Donations to this fund primarily go to scholarships for AES students that are awarded in the spring of each academic year for the following academic year.  This is the traditional cycle for awarding scholarships in the College.  As an endowment, this is a long-term investment in the AES program: as the principle grows, so do the available funds for scholarships.

The Applied Engineering Sciences Scholarship Fund

Donations to this fund are immediately available for scholarships at any time during the academic year.  This is primarily used as an ‘urgent need’ scholarship fund when a student has a sudden change in status and is unable to wait for the traditional cycle of scholarships.

To make a gift to AES online using your credit card

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