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The Applied Engineering Sciences Alumni Advisory Board facilitates the exchange of ideas between Board members and the faculty and students of the Applied Engineering Sciences program. The board focuses on the following objectives to continuously improve the AES program and the experience for students.

Alumni Board AES Program Objectives

  • Improve quality of the educational experience of AES students
  • Improve employment opportunities of AES students
  • Improve program camaraderie and identity for AES students and alumni
  • Create undergraduate research grant opportunities for AES students
  • Expand student scholarship offerings
  • Expand corporate sponsorship of AES design day and other AES projects.

The Board consists of graduates of the major, as well as several engineering faculty and administrators who are actively involved with the program. The Board advises the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Program Director on specific matters identified by the Board Chair or suggested by Board Members. These include curriculum matters, mentorship to current students, development/partnership activities with program alumni, assistance with corporate relations and program promotion, and providing another voice in the development of policy recommendations.
Board Meeting
October 14, 2016
 Lunch in the courtyard of the Engineering Building with Alumni board members, faculty  and students of Applied Engineering Sciences.
Left to Right: Evan Swoish, Chad Steiner, Nathan Harrison, Stephen Lipshaw, Stefano Evangelista Alumni Eric Thomas and Nathan Harrison enjoy the outdoor lunch
Applied Engineering Sciences Alumni Advisory Board
Name E-mail Term Expires Year
Holly D. Aikens Aug-2019 EA 1993
Monica Braman Aug-2018 EA 2003
Chad Steiner Aug-2017 EA 1993
Hardik Dalal Aug-2018 AES 2006
Nathan Harrison Aug-2016 AES 2006
Donnie Haye Aug-2018 EA 1981
Charles Kosmas Aug-2017 EA 1990
Daniel McNulty Aug-2018 EA 1982
Anthony Messina Aug-2019 EA 1980
Keith Preston Aug-2017 AES 2003
Ross Scott Aug-2017 AES 2009
Eric Seger Aug-2018 EA 1994
Randy Shacka Aug-2016 AES2004
Eric Thomas Aug-2019 AES 2012
Brian Tochman Aug-2019 AES 2006
Lauren Zrebski Aug-2019 AES 2011