Message from the Director

Welcome to Applied Engineering Sciences at Michigan State University, College of Engineering.  Our unique program is the culmination of engineering and business worlds colliding to produce first class graduates with one of the highest placement rates in the University.  As Director of this exclusive program, I have the privilege to work with outstanding students who hone their skills with in these two worlds preparing them to be successful in both.

--Dr. Laura J. Genik



MSU introduced "the best science education building in the world" on Sept. 10.
George VanDusen, former assistant dean for undergraduate affairs and interim dean, died June 1.
Construction on MSU’s new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility is in its final stages.
Michael Milligan and eight other Spartan Engineers to receive 2021 Engineering Alumni Awards.
Eighteen graduating seniors receive Board of Trustees Award for 4.0 GPA.
The College of Engineering will host five in-person Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 2.
Awards presented to eight engineering faculty for contributions to students.

About AES

Applied Engineering Sciences is THE interdisciplinary degree in the College of Engineering.  The program combines the technical strengths of engineering with the savvy expertise of business, graduating technically sound and business bound engineers ready to tackle the complex problems of an ever changing global landscape.


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