An Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) webinar series, jointly sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Department of Michigan State University (“MSU”) and the International Aircraft Engine Association (“IAEA”) has successfully culminated in the registration and participation of more than 2000 AM professionals worldwide. The seminars’ success was a strong indicator that the time to establish an advanced multidisciplinary Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) research center with the support of industry participants has arrived. More than 2000 registered participants, from materials, equipment, and user communities have positioned MSU in a leadership role which needs to be solidified and expanded through the establishment of this Center. The MSU and IAEA collaboration would like to take the next step in advancing AM science and technology through the establishment of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (“AMIC”) sited on the MSU campus with the aim of serving broad industrial concerns, including but not limited to aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and energy. AMIC charter includes:

Fundamental & Applied AM R&D
Consulting Services
Material Science R&D
Data Management & Cyber Security
Academic & Professional Training
Quality Feed Stock Development
Bionic Design & Optimization
Advanced Manufacturing
Supply Chain Development

The AMIC will be established as a multidisciplinary center managed within the College of Engineering in collaboration with the Eli Broad College of Business, with the mandate to serve the R&D interests of its members and industries worldwide. The AMIC will establish partnerships with major AM industrial participants, including printer OEMs such as EOS, SLM Solutions and GE Additive and product OEMs such as Boeing, Ford, and GM to not only advance the state of technology but also overcome static business practices that challenge the adoption of AM at the production scale. MSU and IAEA (with its 9700+ global members) have invested the necessary academic, scientific and professional resources to become a leader in advancing AM technology for 21st century manufacturing and business practices.

MSU has already invested $4M+ in AM research and infrastructure. MSU and IAEA collaboration seeks an initial funding of $500,000 (USD) as seed capital to launch the AMIC by investing in infrastructure, leadership, and technical staff that will assist in raising R&D funding through competitive proposal submissions. Through industrial relationships more funds should be forthcoming to support the growth of the AMIC in the following months and years. MSU currently hosts a state-of-the-art AM research facility engaged in cutting edge AM research.

MSU as the host of AMIC will provide suitable offices and laboratory space to facilitate AMIC operations. The seed funding will primarily enable AMIC operations for the first 12-month target launch period while AMIC leads the effort to concurrently raise additional R&D funding. The Center will become self-sufficient after the initial 12-month period by generating revenue through R&D funding, work for hire, consulting services and professional training. Seed funding will flow through the MSU Foundation and qualifies as tax deductible to the sponsoring entities. The AMIC welcomes private and corporate support and funding and contributions where such entities would enjoy access to an exclusive AM network globally.

The AMIC is to announce the launch of its Additive Manufacturing Innovations and Opportunities Symposium funded by AMIC within six months of securing the seed capital as a means to bring together broad industrial participants in AM and promoting the services provided by the AMIC worldwide.

Please feel free to contact us for any question and further details.

Dr.  James Klausner
MSU Foundation Professor and Chair
Michigan State University
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr.  Hooman Rezaei 
President and Founder
Int’l Aircraft Engine Association (9800+ Members)  
MSU Mechanical Engineering Alumnus

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