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Engineering Undergraduate Studies Mission Statement

Undergraduate Studies

Engineering Undergraduate Studies stands ready to assist students from admission to graduation and beyond.  We are committed to facilitating student success by promoting positive learning inside and outside of the classroom.  We strive to connect students to resources while assisting them in clarifying educational, career, and life goals.  Through these efforts we aspire to enhance the educational experience of students.

The mission of the College of Engineering is:

  • To provide an experience that inspires students to reach for the highest level of accomplishment and personal growth throughout their lives;
  • To provide an environment that enables students and faculty to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the creative practice of engineering;
  • To share the fruits of our efforts in order to enhance the public's understanding of technology and to facilitate its use on behalf of society;
  • To create and maintain a diverse, collegial community that recognizes and values the contribution of each individual;
  • To do all of the above with integrity.  The accomplishment of our mission is a shared responsibility of each member of the College community.

(Revised: 2003)