Engineering Fee

Spring 2021 Engineering Fee Information

Even though many classes are being taught online for spring semester, the Engineering Fee for this year will mainly go to support TA and ULA positions for the college, DECS/computing resources (expanded software licenses, expanded remote desktop access), individual lab kits for some courses so students can participate remotely, and remote activities done at the College level (Careers, Women in Engineering, Diversity Programs Office/Guided Learning Center, etc). 

All tuition and fees are set by the MSU Board of Trustees.  The tuition for 2020-21 was approved by the Board at their May 15 Board Meeting 



Do any Engineering courses assess separate lab fees?

The College of Engineering does not charge fees for individual classroom expenses such as lab fees for specific courses. An Engineering Program Fee is assessed to all undergraduate students that have been admitted to the College of Engineering to help cover the costs associated with Engineering computer labs, TA positions for classes, lab facilities in the departments, lab equipment upgrades and repairs, and student organizations and projects.

When is the Engineering Program Fee assessed?

The College of Engineering assesses an Engineering Program Fee each semester to all undergraduate students that have been admitted to the College of Engineering. 

How much is the Engineering Program Fee?

The Engineering Program Fee differs depending on whether you are attending full- or part-time, and whether you are enrolling for Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. The Office of the Controller’s Student Accounts website lists the Engineering Program Fee under the “Tuition, Fee, Tax And Housing Rates” links for each semester as “SPECIAL PROGRAM FEES”

Do I pay more if I have a double major or a minor?

No. The Engineering Program Fee is applied just once to a student account each semester, regardless of how many majors or minors the student has.

What does the Engineering Program Fee cover?

The College of Engineering does not charge course fees on specific courses, but uses the Engineering Program Fee to maintain support for our labs, facilities, and shop intensive courses. The fee helps to cover the costs associated with:

  • DECS support and equipment for computer labs in the Engineering Building, Wilson Hall, and Wonders Hall. Engineering computer labs are available only to students with Engineering accounts.
  • TA positions for classes
  • lab facilities in the departments
  • lab equipment upgrades and repairs
  • student organizations and projects.

More information about tuition and fees is available on the MSU Controller’s website: