Materials Science Engineering (MSE) Job Description

What is Materials Science?

Materials Science is the study of the physical and mechanical properties of engineering materials, such as metals, glass, ceramics, polymers, and composites. The Materials Science and Engineering program at Michigan State University emphasizes the relationship between the properties of materials and structure. From the knowledge of structure-property relationships, materials scientists can design and develop new space age materials. Limitations in materials (from microprocessors in the computing industry to the heat resistant materials for the space shuttle) impede engineering advances. Technology related to processing and fabrication of advanced materials, such as composites, super-alloys, superconductors and electronic materials is of great national importance. Thus, engineers in materials science will continue to enjoy challenging opportunities in modern technology as attempts are made to overcome these limitations. Materials engineering includes the review of plans for new products to recommend materials based on factors such as strength, weight, and costs in order to insure attainment of design objectives. Materials engineers plan and implement laboratory operations to develop material fabrication procedures for new materials.

Materials Science and Engineering graduates are employed with companies producing ceramics, glasses, metals, alloys, polymers, and composites. Salaries are competitive and opportunities exist both in industrial companies and government agencies and laboratories. The outlook is considered excellent for graduates of Materials Science and Engineering.

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