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How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

If you have advising questions and are a prospective/admitted first year student, or prospective/admitted treansfer student, please contact future-engineer@egr.msu.edu or visit our prospective transfer student website.

Schedule appointments online.

Check in for your appointment at G60 Wilson Hall

John Denny (Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biosystems Engineering), 517-432-1355,  dennyjoh@egr.msu.edu

Evelyn Grace (Computer Science), 517-432-6204,  graceeve@egr.msu.edu 

Candyce Hill (Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Engineering Sciences), 517-884-8031, hillcand@egr.msu.edu

Jeffrey Tsang (Mechanical Engineering freshman/sophomores), 517-432-1353, tsangjef@egr.msu.edu

Applied Engineering Sciences 

Joyce Samuelsamueljo@egr.msu.edu, 3508 EB, 517-432-1352

Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Biosystems Engineering 

Hannah Brodheadbrodhead@egr.msu.edu, 103 Farrall Hall, 517-884-8796

Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Chemical Engineering 

Lindsay Naylornaylorli@msu.edu, 3512 EB, 517-432-4916

Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Civil Engineering 

Sharita Williamsonwill1809@egr.msu.edu, 3579 EB, 517-355-3274

Schedule online at http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Computer Engineering 

Sean Fochtmanfochtma3@egr.msu.edu, 2212 EB, 517-355-5242

Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Computer Science 

Sophomore - Hannah Brodheadbrodhead@egr.msu.edu, 103 Farrall Hall, 517-884-8796

Junior/Senior - Titun R. Maitititun@egr.msu.edu, 3201 EB, 517-353-5455

Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Electrical Engineering 

Sean Fochtmanfochtma3@egr.msu.edu, 2212 EB, 517-355-5242

Schedule online at http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Environmental Engineering 

Sharita Williamsonwill1809@egr.msu.edu,  3579 EB, 517-355-3274

Schedule online at http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Materials Science & Engineering 

Lindsay Naylornaylorli@msu.edu, 3512 EB, 517-432-4916

Schedule online at http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Mechanical Engineering 

Sophomore – Jeffrey Tsangtsangjef@egr.msu.edu, W8 Wilson Hall, 517-355-6616 ext. 2.  Schedule online at  http://msu.campus.eab.com/

Junior/Senior – Gaile Grifforegriffore@egr.msu.edu, 2560 EB, 517-355-3338, Call for an appointment.

Advising Information

How often should I meet with my advisor?

We suggest that you meet with your advisor regularly, at least once a semester, to receive assistance with major selection, schedule planning, utilizing MSU resources, career planning and much more!  Anytime you may have an academic question you should contact your advisor, while some questions can be handled by email, many issues benefit from a face-to-face conversation.

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?

Before visiting your advisor, you should:

  • Reflect on how you are doing in your classes.
  • Review the degree program requirements for the majors that interest you.
  • Think about any questions you might have about your major, the College of Engineering, or the University.
  • During annual enrollment (in the spring) think about classes you might be interest in taking during the summer and next year.  Click here (.doc) and print the schedule planning worksheet to help you plan your future academic schedule.

Your advisor is assigned to you based on your major and class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). If you're a member of the Honors College, you will have a specific advisor for that program in addition to your College of Engineering advisor.

New Student Orientation Information

Our academic advisors look forward to meeting each one of you at New Student Orientation (NSO)!  There, you will be able to meet with us individually to address your immediate concerns and resolve many issues on the spot.  In addition to helping formulate your first year of classes, our professional staff will also give an overview of the College of Engineering -- including the many services and opportunities you will find as a Spartan Engineering student.

Future students on an MSU AOP tour
Future students on an MSU New Student Orientation tour.

For most of you, NSO will be the first of many ongoing meetings with your academic advisor.  You will begin the process of working together with us to set goals for your academic, professional and personal life.  It is our belief that the College of Engineering and Michigan State University will change your life for the better if you set strong goals and strive to achieve them.  You are in charge of this process, and we are here to encourage you in whatever way we can.

The Handbook for Engineering Students for Fall 2019 (.pdf) is a reference guide to familiarize freshman and transfer students with the College of Engineering at Michigan State University.

The New Student Orientation website, http://orientation.msu.edu/, will give you more information and help you get ready for orientation.