Admission to Engineering

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Admission to the College

Current MSU Students who declared and Engineering Preference major must meet the following criteria for admission AND submit an application (see link below) DURING the semester they expect to complete the requirements below. Further, students who are declared an Engineering Preference major must apply and be admitted prior to reaching 56 total credits, or they will need to change their major to a major outside of the college of Engineering. Applications may still be submitted after a student earns 56 credits for students who are not currently declared an Engineering Preference major. Students who are already admitted to an Engineering major who want to change to a different Engineering major must also submit an admissions application.

  • Completion of at least 28 credits earned after matriculation to Michigan State University (AP, Dual Enrollment, CLEP, IB, A-Level credits do not count toward the 28). Transfer students are expected to have completion of at least 12 credits earned after matriculation to Michigan State University.
  • Completion of Mathematics 132 and 133 with a minimum grade of 2.0 in each course.
  • A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in all mathematics courses.
  • Completion of Chemistry 141 or 151 for all majors except Computational Data Science and Computer Science (Chemical Engineering students must take CEM151)
  • Completion of Physics 183 or 183B.
  • Completion of a technical computing class, based on intended major
    • Computer Science 231 for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering majors only.
    • Computer Science 220 for Electrical Engineering majors only
    • Computational Math Science Engineering 202 for Computational Data Science majors only.
    • Engineering 102 for Applied Engineering Sciences, Biosystems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
  • Completion of Engineering 100.
  • Attain the specific combination (combo) GPA requirements for their declared major (Click here to find out how to calculate your combo GPA.)
    • 3.1 - Mechanical Engineering
    • 3.0 - Applied Engineering Sciences, Computer Science
    • 2.9 - Biosystems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computational Data Science, Computer Engineering,Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Due to COVID-19 and the change to remote/online learning, S/NS grades were available for Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021.  Per University Policy, the College of Engineering WILL use the underlying grades in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 for all admissions GPA calculations, even if S/NS grades were selected.  Underlying grades from Spring 2020 will not be used in admissions, per policy in place at that time.


  • If you will complete your last admission requirement(s) in SUMMER 2022 semester, apply no later than AUGUST 19, 2022.
  • If you will complete your last admission requirement(s) in FALL 2022 semester, apply no later than DECEMBER 9, 2022.
  • If you will complete your last admission requirement(s) in SPRING 2023 semester, apply no later than APRIL 28, 2023.

We do not process admission changes as the applications come in but rather admission decisions will be communicated within a week after the final posting of grades of the semester and will be communicated via Confidential Message System.


Click Here to log-in and submit an application to be reviewed for spring 2023 admissions.

Please note:

  • Apply DURING the semester in which you expect to complete the above admission courses.
  • The above admission link will become active during the 6th day of class and will be taken down after the above deadline dates.
  • If the admission requirements are not met by completion of 56 credits (junior standing), the University requires changing out of the engineering major and then re-applying to the College of Engineering DURING the semester you expect to reach the admission criteria

Looking to transfer from your current college/university to MSU?

Transferring to Michigan State University is competitive, but all of our majors accept transfer students each year. Highly qualified students wishing to be an MSU Spartan engineer are encouraged to apply! Most admission decisions will be made in late January and February. Therefore, priority is usually given to early applicants. Students interested in transferring to MSU as an engineering major should contact Mr. Drew Kim at (517) 353-7282 to make an appointment.

Transfer students must apply to MSU via the Office of Admissions process. Please visit our Future Engineers website for specific admission requirements for transfer students.

Transfer students with junior standing who entered majors other then engineering must complete at least 12 credits of Michigan State University courses to be admitted to a major in the College of Engineering, including at least 6 credits in mathematics, physical and biological sciences, and engineering for freshmen and sophomores, and at least 10 credits in mathematics, physical and biological sciences, and engineering for juniors and seniors. These students are then considered for admission to an engineering major based on MSU grades using the criteria for internal students.