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Course Permissions (Overrides)

Many courses have specific enrollment restrictions. In general, 300 and 400-level engineering courses are available only for students in the offering department/major/program. The MSU Course Descriptions website will tell you the restrictions for each course.

Permissions (Overrides) may be necessary when:

  • you don't meet the major or class course restriction(s)
  • you have not completed the prerequisite courses at MSU or in transfer to MSU
  • you don't meet the level course restriction(s) (grad taking an undergrad course, lifelong ed student, etc.)
  • the section you wish to add is full (note that we cannot exceed room capacity)

Please note that it may not be possible to grant your request due to the above list of reasons. However, you may REQUEST permissions (an override) by completing a department's request form. You can find the online web links here:

For other engineering courses, contact the appropriate department representative:

Non-Engineering Courses
For courses outside engineering commonly needed by engineering students, contact the appropriate office or visit their website:

Chemistry Courses

Math Courses
Permissions (overrides) are NOT granted for sections that are full. You can find the form here:

Physics Courses

Broad College of Business Courses 

Request for Letters (Sponsored students only)

College of Engineering students attending through a sponsoring agency will sometimes need verification letters for their agency to confirm progress to degree, etc.  If you are a sponsored student and need to supply a letter from your academic advisor, you must complete the student section of the letter you need, and provide to your academic advisor in a timely manner. 

Deadlines: Must provide at least 10 business days; If this form is incomplete, request for letter will NOT be authorized

Summer Session:  February 15
Spring Semester:  October 15
Fall Semester:  March 15

Request to Take Online Course (PDF)

Scholarship Extension/Academic Progress (PDF)

Summer Study

MSU students enrolled for summer courses like any other semester, whether the courses are offered on MSU's campus, off-campus, on-line or abroad.  Check with your academic advisor about course selections from your program.  For courses, visit the Schedule of Courses website, select "Off Campus" and the region close to you this summer. Courses are taught by MSU faculty/instructors---there is nothing to transfer.  Course grades and credits will appear on your MSU transcript.

Visit the Summer Study website for more information.

Guest Application for Another Institution

MSU students may attend other institutions as Guest Students or Non-matriculated Students for short periods, either during the regular academic year or in the summer, for the purpose of earning credit for transfer to Michigan State University.

Students planning to attend accredited Michigan institutions should use the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application form available below. Students who wish to attend non-Michigan institutions should obtain application forms from the host institution.

A student wishing to take courses at another institution should check the online transfer credit equivalency system to assure transferability:

A minimum of 2.0 must be earned in each course in order for the credit to be transferred to Michigan State University.

Michigan State University students may earn up to 60 credits from a two-year institution. However, last 10 of 30 credits must be completed with MSU credits.

MSU Students who wish to take courses at Lansing Community College do not need to fill out the Uniform Guest Application. Go directly to the LCC Application.

Generate your Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application (Login)

Graduation Information and Application

The University requirements for bachelor's degree are described in the Undergraduate Education section of the catalog.  All course requirements for the degree must be met, as well as a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA and 120 credits (for Computer Science) or 128 credits (all other Engineering majors) in order for a student's degree to be conferred.

You should work closely with your academic advisor to determine your progress toward the degree.  Please note that all courses must be graded with a final grade (i.e., no Incomplete ("I") or Extension ("ET") grades) prior to the first day of classes for the semester following the student's graduation term.

Students may monitor their progress toward the degree using Degree Navigator.

Students must apply to graduate for the semester in which all degree requirements will be met.  Submit this application by the first week of the semester you expect to complete your degree requirements.

IMPORTANT:  If you are completing a concentration, specialization, or minor in addition to your bachelor degree, you must complete a separate graduation application for each major, concentration, specialization, and minor you will earn.

Graduation Application

For more information about Commencement please visit the Commencement website.