Emergency Guidelines


Evacuation guidelines for fire or explosions

  1. Pull the alarm located near most marked exits and call 9-1-1.
  2. Leave the building by the nearest, safe marked exit.
  3. Meet at the Rally Site.
  4. Wait at the Rally Site for further information.
  5. Follow directions of the Emergency Coordinators (yellow helmet) or by Police/Fire personnel

Shelter guidelines for tornado warnings

If a tornado warning is issued or if threatening weather approaches, you should seek shelter immediately in a designated area. Move immediately to shelter if a tornado warning is issued by any ONE of the following signals:

  • On-campus sirens
  • Local TV or radio
  • Personal notification

Tornado shelter locations are indicated on Emergency Floor Plan Maps posted on doors throughout every MSU building. Or go to interior rooms, free of windows and hazards. If you choose to go to a basement or lower level you should not use a stairway with windows if severe weather is present.

For spills or leaks of hazardous material

Emergency coordinators or building administrators will advise and assist you in the event of a hazardous materials emergency. If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building, you will be instructed which routes and exits from the building to use and where the safest Rally Site will be.

If the emergency requires you to stay in the building you may be instructed to:

  • Close and seal off all exterior doors and windows.
  • Shut off any room air sources like window air conditioners for fume hoods.
  • Remain in the building until advised of further action.
  • Be prepared to move to a safe area in the building or to eventually evacuate the building.

For further information, please visit the Environmental Health & Safety web site. https://ehs.msu.edu/

Guidelines for persons with disabilities

For blind and visually impaired and for the deaf and hard of hearing, please assist as needed.

For mobility impaired or for persons who use a wheelchair and are not on the ground floor:

  1. Assist in locating the nearest, safe fire-rated stairway. Inform the nearest police or fire responder to their location.
  2. If you must move them up or down stairs be careful.
  3. Do not use the elevator.