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College of Engineering
College of Engineering
College of Engineering
College of Engineering

The College of Engineering, a constituent of a major research and teaching university, is an unprecedented learning environment.

With the wide array of today's successful news and highlights, it is obvious that the College of Engineering members are pioneering leaders, embracing Michigan State University's tradition of advancing knowledge and transforming lives through innovative teaching, research and outreach.

The College of Engineering is one of the largest and oldest colleges on the MSU campus that began as a single field of study "Mechanic Arts" in 1885.

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The College of Engineering’s primary goals are to advance, disseminate, and apply engineering knowledge.

Achieving these goals requires adherence to ethical guidelines, such as those published by national professional societies for engineering education and practice. It also requires freedom of expression, so the merits of competing ideas can be compared through reasoned discourse. The College expects respectful, cooperative, constructive, inclusive, and fair interactions among its faculty, staff, and students as they advance the College’s research, instruction, and service missions.

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