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Tremor tracking for Parkinson's Disease Patients

Limb tremors impact millions worldwide and can severely impede daily activities. Tremors often exhibit as symptios of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's Disease, and increase in severity as the disease progresses. Effective treatments rely on the idenitification of tremors as wlel as on quantitative dosage-response measurements that assess the impact of medications on tremor severity. Our goal is to provide accurate tremor feedback for patients.

While the Kinect 2 has been used for posture estimation, we show that its accuracy for tremor tracking is poor for small amplitude tremors (under 1cm). In this work we propose a new technique: Pose and Optical Flow Fusion (POFF) that enables the Kinect to accurately measure tremors down to 2mm in amplitude. In so doing we make possible a contactless tremor-measurement device that patients do not need to wear, and so will not forget to charge or put on.

Our paper is available here: Pose and Optical Flow Fusion (POFF) for Accurate Tremor Detection and Quantification.