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3D Vision Lab

3D Vision Lab
Computer vision and machine learning applied to plant and animal agriculture, human medicine, and autonomous vehicles.

Faculty: Daniel Morris

Smart Agriculture Sensing

Big changes are coming to animal and plant agriculture. New sensors combined with deep learning are enabling individual animal monitoring and health assessments with the goal of providing individualized care for each animal. Similarly, computer vision techniques that segment and analyze each plant and fruit provide a direction to improve plant care and raise yields. In the 3D Vision Lab we are collaborating with agriculture experts to bring these goals to fruition.

Automated Vehicle Sensing

There is a revolution going on in the automotive world. Right now cars are a manually controlled legacy of the 20th century that cause countless deaths each year. There is a better way that is being ushered in by technology to make cars see for themselves. In the 3D Vision lab we are pressing on with this goal as we develop deep learning methods to fuse data from multi-modal sensors to achieve better accuracy scene understanding and eventually smarter and safer cars.

Tremor Tracking

Parkinson's Disease leads to limb tremors that adversely impact many individuals. Through building a 3D vision system that can precisely monitor these, we aim to enable more accurate assessments and improved treatments.