Xinran (Sharon) Xiao









Syed Fahad Hassan






Miao Wang

Simulation of Amorphous Silicon Anode in Lithium-Ion Batteries                         


Jim Dorer

Predictions of Composite Structures Under Impact




Shutian Yan

Behavior of Porous Polymeric Membrane



             Summer 2012                                            Spring 2013


Ph.D. Candidates

Research Assistant: Matthew Auvenshine (2016), Andy Stamm (2014-2016)

Student Awards:

Andrew Joe Vander Klok, Poster, 1st place in Mechanical Engineering, 2016 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium, Michigan State University.

Christopher R.  Cater, Best Graduate Student in Engineering Mechanics, Michigan State University, 2015.

Christopher R.  Cater, 1st Place in the Student Simulation Challenge for the American Society for Composites 29th Technical Conference, 2014.




Dr.Andy VanderKlok (2012-2016), PhD., Williams International.

Dr. Danghe Shi (2011-2015), PhD, Altair Engineering.

Dr. Christopher Cater (2010-2015), PhD. Toyota.

Vahid Khademi, (2013) transferred, MSU

Dr. Yalla Abushawashi (2009-2013), PhD. ETA.

Dr. Wei Wu (2009-2013), PhD. Western Digital.

Dr. Arun Krishnan (2011-2012),Postdoc Fellow, Dassault Systemes.

Dr. Andrew Conway (2009-2011) Postdoc Fellow, Dassault Systemes.

Donna Bahroloomi (2011,2012) Summer intern, UM

Motozo Horikawa (2011-12) MS, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Jeff Narkis (2012) Research assistant, UCSD

Wenzhe Zhu, (2011-12) Research assistant

Corey Silvis (2011-12) Summer intern, MSU; Peter Bentley (2010) Summer intern, MSU

Jixin Wang (visiting scholar) (2009-2010), Jilin, China        

Azadeh Sheidaei (2009-2010) transferred, MSU

Ryan Dutour (2015-16),Thomas Stevenson (2012-2014), Eric Rightor (2012-2013), Mike Skierski (2012), Yuhao Chen (2013),  Gabrielle Colby (2013), Daniel Schleh (2009-2010) Summer intern, MSU; Kyle Crayne (2009-2010) Professional assistant, MSU; Andrew Kappler (2009), Summer intern, MSU