Xinran (Sharon) Xiao

Associate Professor








Christopher Cater (2010-)

BS Michigan State University

Multi-scale modeling for the prediction of damaged composite materials                        


Danghe Shi (2011-)

BS Tsinghua University

MS Michigan State University

Crashworthiness Modeling of Composite Structures


Miao (Marie) Wang (2012-)

BS Tsinghua University

MS Drexel University

Multiphysics modelling



Jim Dorer

BS Michigan State University

MS University of Washington




Shutian Yan (2011-)

BS Beihang University

MS Aalborg University

Behavior of porous polymeric membrane



Andy Vanderklok (2012-)

BS MS Michigan State University

Testing of Composite Engine Structures

             Summer 2012                                            Summer 2011


Ph.D. Candidates

Undergrad Assistant: Thomas Stevenson (2012-), Eric Rightor (2012-), Mike Skierski (2012-), Yuhao Chen (2013-),  Gabrielle Colby (2013-)



Vahid Khademi, (2013) transferred, MSU

Dr. Yalla Abushawashi (2009-2013), Ph.D. ETA.

Dr. Wei Wu (2009-2013), Ph.D. Western Digital.

Dr. Arun Krishnan (2011-2012),Postdoc Fellow, Dassault Systemes.

Dr. Andrew Conway (2009-2011) Postdoc Fellow, Dassault Systemes.

Donna Bahroloomi (2011,2012) Summer intern, UM

Motozo Horikawa (2011-12) MS, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Jeff Narkis (2012) Research assistant, UCSD

Wenzhe Zhu, (2011-12) Research assistant

Corey Silvis (2011-12) Summer intern, MSU; Peter Bentley (2010) Summer intern, MSU

Jixin Wang (visiting scholar) (2009-2010), Jilin, China        

Azadeh Sheidaei (2009-2010) transferred, MSU

Daniel Schleh (2009-2010) Summer intern, MSU; Kyle Crayne (2009-2010) Professional assistant, MSU; Andrew Kappler (2009)    Summer intern, MSU