Spring 2014
ENE 811: Membrane processes

General Information
Course description
To describe fundamental physical and chemical principles underlying membrane-based separation processes and to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest in membrane technology.

Time & location
Tu Th 3:00-4:20, 1234 Engineering Building 

Office hours
Tu Th 1:30-2:30, 3564 Engineering Building or by appointment

Recommended background
1) Calculus through differential equations
2) Fluid mechanics
3) Physical chemistry

Instructor: Volodymyr Tarabara


Required text
[MM] Basic principles of membrane technology/M. Mulder (on reserve)

Supplementary texts
[RB] Membrane Technology and Applications/R. Baker, Wiley, 2004 (on reserve)
[RK] Synthetic polymeric membranes: a structural perspective/R. Kesting, Wiley, 1985 (on reserve)

Periodic literature
Journal of Membrane Science , Environmental Science and Technology , Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Langmuir

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Grading Policy

project: 30%
homework: 60%
quizzes: 10%

Grading scale
4.0: 90-100
3.5: 85-89                                 
3.0: 80-85                             
2.5: 75-79
2.0: 70-74       
1.5: 65-69 
1.0: 60-64 
0.0: 00-59

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