Spring 2014
ENE 811: Membrane processes

Lec #
Tu, Jan 7 MSU classes cancelled 
Th, Jan 9 1 Course overview [RB] 3-14
[MM] Chapter VIII
(VIII.1 - VIII.10)
Tu, Jan 14 2 postponed. Makeup lectures are scheduled for February 24 and March 24  
Th, Jan 16 3 Guest instructor: Dr. Pejman Ahmadiannamini
Historical development of membrane science and technology
Tu, Jan 21 4 Overview of membrane processes
Module and process design
[MM] Chapter II  
Th, Jan 23 5 Physical chemistry of membranes
Chemical potentials. Osmotic pressure
board notes
[MM] Chapter V
Tu, Jan 28 10 Solution-diffusion model
Application: dialysis
(note: this is a rescheduled lecture from the "Membrane transport theory" module of the class)
Th, Jan 30 11 Solution-diffusion model (continued)
Application: reverse osmosis
(note: this is a rescheduled lecture from the "Membrane transport theory" module of the class)
board notes
J.G. Wijmans, R.W. Baker. The solution-diffusion model: a review. J. Membr. Sci. 107 (1995) 1-21 PDF
    Preparation and characterization of membranes    
Tu, Feb 4 6 Guest instructor: Dr. Pejman Ahmadiannamini
Membrane materials: overview.
Membrane preparation methods: overview
[MM] Chapter III  
Th, Feb 6 7 Guest instructor: Christopher Crock
Membrane preparation methods (continued):
Immersion precipitation (slides)
Interfacial polymerization, track etching, and other methods (slides)
Tu, Feb 11 8
Th, Feb 13 9 Guest instructor: Dr. Pejman Ahmadiannamini
Membrane characterization
[MM] Chapter IV  
    Membrane transport theory    
Tu, Feb 18 12 Solution-diffusion model (continued).
Example  problem
Examining model's assumptions
Th, Feb 20 13 Coupled transport and irreversible thermodynamics
Coupled transport and Kedem-Katchalsky equations
Spiegler-Kedem equation
Mo, Feb 24
2 9:00-9:40
3400 EB
Tu, Feb 25 14 Basic equations of fluid flow. Navier-Stokes equations
Transport through porous membranes
Th, Feb 27 15 Transport of particulate species to the membrane
Macroscopic approach to modeling permeate flux
    Polarization phenomena and fouling    
Tu, Mar 4   Spring break [MM] Chapter VII
[RB] Chapter 4
Th, Mar 6    
Tu, Mar 11 16

Concentration polarization

  • Film theory of CP PDF
  • Js and Robs as functions of deltaP - effect of CP PDF
  • Osmotic pressure in the presence of colloidal fouling PDF

Membrane fouling and cleaning

Th, Mar 13 17  
Tu, Mar 18 18  
    Membrane processes    
Th, Mar 20 19

Reverse osmosis

  • Example problem on the intrinsic rejection: pdf, xls
  • Board notes on RO system design
  • example problem - juice concentration by RO: pdf
[MM] Chapter VI
pp. 297-303
[RB] 191-232
Mo, Mar 24
(make up lecture)
2 9:00-9:40
3400 EB
Tu, Mar 25 20    
Th, Mar 27 21

Medical applications of membranes

Tu, Apr 1 22

Membrane bioreactors: bacterial growth kinetics, MBR design

  • slides: ppt
  • board notes (bacterial growth kinetics): pdf
  • example problem (monod kinetics - batch and CSTR): xls
Th, Apr 3 23  
Tu, Apr 8 24 Forward osmosis. Pressure retarded osmosis
chapter on PRO: pdf
Th, Apr 10 25 Membrane reactors
slides: ppt
Tu, Apr 15 26  
Th, Apr 17 27 Microfiltration
Derivation of the Carman-Kozeny equation: pdf

Tu, Apr 22 28  
Th, Apr 24 29 Pervaporation. Membrane distillation [MM] Chapter VI
pp. 280-297
[RB] 237-299