Spring 2014
ENE 811: Membrane processes



  • A handout on the Carman-Kozeny equation is uploaded (see Contents page)


  • Uploaded (see Contents page):
    • slides on membrane reactors
    • chapter on pressure-retarded osmosis
  • HW#5 is posted. See Assignments page


In response to your questions, here are comments on HW#4:

  • Problem #1:
    • Cp, rejection, and recovery for the entire element can be easily determined based on Ms and Qp values for the element, which can be calculated by summing up corresponding values for 10 increments.
    • To solve the system of two equations with two unknowns (jw, beta) in Part 3 of problem #1, consider using Goal Seek (Data Tools -> What-If-Analysis -> Goal Seek)
  • Problem #2:
    • You need to take into account differences in the membrane skin area between" outside in" and "inside out" configurations
  • Problem #3:
    • See this paper for linearized versions of integrated forms of blocking laws for complete blocking and intermediate blocking cases


  • Uploaded (see Contents page):
    • slides on MBRs
    • board notes on bacterial growth kinetics
    • excel file with an example problem on Monod kinetics in a batch reactor and in an CSTR


  • Uploaded:
    • on Contents page
      • slides on medical applications of membranes
      • board notes from the lecture on hemodialysis
    • on Assignments page
      • solutions to HW#3
      • HW#4


  • Uploaded (see Contents page):
    1. board notes with the example problem on juice concentration by RO.
      • Comparison of solutions for the fed-batch and batch systems shows that the concentration of juice in the recycling tank of the fed-batch system is always higher than in the batch system. Thus, C_feed will be higher and more flavor will be lost to the filtrate in the fed-batch system. Qualitatively, the result can be understood if you think about the concentrate being diluted by a much larger volume of non-concentrated juice in the simple batch system (compare V0=10,000 L of initial juice volume with Vrt=500 L, which is the recycling tank volume in the fed-batch system.)
      • At one point in the solution for the batch system, the following approximation is made: 1/(1-x) =~ 1+x. You can show, by the Taylor expansion of 1/(1+x), that the approximation is true for x->0, which is the case in our example, where x=Qt/V0.
    2. The pioneering report by Loeb and Sourirajan (1962) and a retrospect by Loeb (1981).
  • To provide you with more up-to-date number on the state of the desalination market, see this Water Desalination Report (March 12, 2012 issue.) Note the recent double-dip recession and projected gradually recovery of the seawater desal segment.
  • See this paper for linearized versions of integrated forms of blocking laws for complete blocking and intermediate blocking cases



  • Slides for lecture 18 are uploaded. See Contents page


  • The deadline for selecting topic for your course project is March 28.
  • Solutions to HW#2 are posted. See Assignments page
  • HW#3 is posted. See Assignments page


  • My answer for omega in V-18 is 1.73E-11 (mol/cm2/s/bar). It is different from the value given in the "Answers to Exercises" section of the textbook


  • Posted:
    • Three handouts on the topic of concentration polarization. See Contents page
    • Solutions to HW#1. See Assignments page
  • Details on the course paper
    • Due date: Monday, April 28
    • Formatting requirements:
      • 10 page maximum including figures, tables and references. Target range: 8-10 pages.
      • Font: Times New Roman, size 11.
      • Spacing: 1.5
      • Margins: 1" on all sides
      • Format of references: ACS style
      • Abstract: between 150 and 200 words


  • MSU now has access to the e-version of the Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology. The subscription is not listed in our online catalog yet. To access the item please follow this link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com.proxy2.cl.msu.edu/book/10.1002/9781118522318
  • The due date for HW#2 is changed to Thursday, March  13. See Assignments page


  • The second of the two make-up lectures is scheduled for 9:00-9:40 on Monday, March 24. We will meet in 3400 EB. See Contents page.
  • Do not forget to forward me your scores for quiz #1 and quiz #2

2/25 (2nd announcement)

  • Example on solving ODEs using Excel


  • HW#2 is posted. See Assignments page
  • The following files are now uploaded (see Contents page):
    • An example problem on the solution-diffusion model
    • Board notes with examination of the validity of assumptions behind the solution-diffusion model
    • Board notes on coupled transport and the Kedem-Katchalsky model
    • Derivation of the Spiegler-Kedem model
  • The two books mentioned at our meeting on February 24 are:
    • Schultz, S. G. Basic principles of membrane transport, IUPAB Biophysics Series, Cambridge University Press, 1980
    • Katchalsky, A.; Curran, P. F. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics in biophysics. Harvard University Press, 1965
  • The first of the two make-up lectures is scheduled for 9:00-9:40 on Monday, February 24. We will meet in 3400 EB.
  • Presentation on NEWater. Links to PUB's NEWater website, wikipedia site. NEWater's MF/UF-RO-UV sequence is preceded by treatment at wastewater reclamation facilities.


  • Slides for lectures 7 and 8 are now uploaded. See Contents page
  • Slides for lectures 6 and 9 are now uploaded. See Contents page
  • It came to my attention yesterday that Mulder's "Basic Principles of Membrane Technology" book (MSU call # TP159.M4 M85 1996) was not available on ENG library's reserve. An inquiry with library staff revealed that while they received my reserve list request last semester and recalled the book (which was checked out at the time) in a timely manner , the book has not been returned yet. As a "temporary fix" I gave my own copy of the book to the library. The copy should be on reserve now.
2/2 (2nd announcement today)
  • The paper  by Wijmans and Baker with an overview of the solution-diffusion model is uploaded. See Contents page
  • Board notes for lectures  5, 10, and 11 are uploaded. See Contents page
  • HW#1 is posted. See Assignments page
  • The schedule of lectures is updated. All four lectures during the next two weeks will take place as scheduled. See Contents page
  • Slides for lectures 3 and 4 are uploaded. See Contents page
  • The lecture on Tuesday, January 14, is postponed. Time and location of the makeup lecture will be announced later. 
  • During a part of the class on Thursday, January 16, Dr. Pejman Ahmadiannamini will overview historical developments in membrane science. The remaining time will be devoted to solving simple example problems that illustrate concepts of flux, rejection, and recovery.


  • the lecture on Tuesday, January 7 is postponed (time and location of the makeup lecture TBD) canceled due to inclement weather (all MSU classes canceled)
  • The first class this semester will be on Thursday, January 9