Fall 2013
ENE 802: Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering

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Th, Aug 29 1

Course overview (ppt)
Overview of physicochemical methods of water treatment (ppt)
Board notes: process selection (pdf)
Board notes: Example problem on the importance of multiple barriers (xls)

Optional reading:

  • Fuller, G. W. Progress in water purification. J. AWWA 1933, 25 (11), 1566-1576 (pdf)
  • Synopsis of major developments in water treatment (pdf)
  • Brown, J. A. The early history of wastewater treatment and disinfection. EWRI 2005 doi: 10.1061/40792(173)288 (zip)
  • Angelakis, A. N.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; Tchobanoglous, G. Urban wastewater and stormwater technologies in ancient Greece. Water Res. 2005, 39, 210-220 (pdf)
MWH-1 Ch. 3
Tu, Sep 3 2
 Gas-liquid mass transfer. Gas stripping and aeration
Th, Sep 5 3

Mass transfer across a gas-liquid interface
Aeration and gas stripping
Aeration/stripping tower design

Board notes: calculation of (Qa/Q)min (zip)
Board notes: Mass transfer at the interface. Two films theory (pdf)
Board notes: Height of the tower calculation (pdf)
Board notes: illustrations (pdf)

Gas stripping: most important concepts

Optional reading:

  • Lewis, W. K.; Whitman, W. G. Principles of gas adsorption. Ind. Eng. Chem. 1924, 16 (12): 1215-1220 (pdf)
MWH-1 Ch. 11
Tu, Sep 10 4  
Th, Sep 12 5 HW #1 is due
Tu, Sep 17 6


PPT slides
Board notes: Langmuir isotherm
Board notes: example problem on PAC dose calculation

Adsorption: most important concepts

Optional reading:

  • Langmuir, I. The constitution and fundamental properties of solids and liquids. Part I. Solids. JACS 1916, 38 (11): 2221–2295 (pdf)
  • Crittenden, J. C.; Hand, D. W.; Arora, H.; Lykins, B. W., Jr. Design considerations for GAC treatmnet of organic chemicals. J. Am. Water Works Assn. 1987, 79 (1): 74-82 (pdf)
  • Weber, W. J., Jr.; Morris, J. C. Kinetics of adsorption on carbon from solution. J. San. Eng. Div. ASCE 1963, 89: 31-59 (pdf)
  • Weber, W. J., Jr.; Morris, J. C. Equilibria and capacities for adsorption on carbon. J. San. Eng. Div. ASCE 1963, 90: 79-107 (pdf)
MWH-1 Ch. 10

Th, Sep 19 7  
Tu, Sep 24 8
  Particle stability. Coagulation and flocculation
Th, Sep 26 9 Mixing.
Particle stability
MWH-1 Ch. 5
Tu, Oct 1 10

Particle stability (continued)

PPT slides (coagulation)
PPT slides (particle stability)
Excel file with DLVO calculations (example problem)

Recommended reading:

Optional reading:

  • Stumm, W.; Morgan, J. J. Chemical aspects of coagulation. J. AWWA 1962, 54(8): 971-992 (pdf)
  • Amirtharajah, A.; Mills, K. M. Rapid-mix design for mechanisms of alum coagulation. J. AWWA 1982, 74 (4): 210-216 (pdf)
Th, Oct 3 11  
Tu, Oct 8 12


Coagulation and flocculation: most important concepts

Optional reading:

  • Argaman, Y.; Kaufman, W. J. Turbulence and flocculation. J. San. Eng. Div. ASCE 1970, 96: 223-241 (pdf)
  • Han, M.; Lawler, D. F. The (relative) insignificance of G in flocculation. J. AWWA 1992, 10: 79-91 (pdf)
       Inertial separations    
Th, Oct 10 13

Gravity settling and hydrocyclonic separation.
Air quality control technologies.

PPT slides (gravity settling)
PPT slides (flotation)
PPT slides (cyclone separators)

board notes (centrifugation)

Recommended reading:

  • J. K. Edzwald. Dissolved air flotation and me. Water Res. 2010, 44: 2077-2106 (pdf)
  • C. Petty. The ubiquitous hydrocyclone: Theory and practice. AIChE webinar presentation. February 11, 2009 (pdf)
MWH-1 Ch. 6  
Tu, Oct 15 14 HW #2 is due
Media filtration
Th, Oct 17 15

Flow in porous media. Granular media filtration

PPT slides

MWH-1 Ch. 7
Tu, Oct 22
Th, Oct 24

Midterm exam

Midterm exam preparation guide
Additional tips
Example problem 1 - sprayed droplets
Example problem 2 - mass balance and (Qa-to-Q)min


Tu, Oct 29 17

Flow in porous media. Granular media filtration (continued)

board notes (Carman-Kozeny)

Optional reading:

  • J. L. M. Poiseuille. Recherches experimentales sur le mouvement des liquides dans les tubes de tres petits diametres. Compte Rendu des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences. 1840, p. 961 (header, part 1, part 2)
  • Elimelech, M.; O'Melia, C. R. Kinetics of deposition of colloidal particles in porous media. Environ. Sci. Technol. 1990, 24: 1528-1536 (pdf)
  • Rajagopalan, R.; Tien, C. Trajectory analysis of deep-bed filtration with the sphere-in-cell porous media model. AIChE J. 1976, 22: 523-533 (pdf)
  • Yao, K.-M.; Habibian, M. T.; O'Melia, C. R. Water and wastewater filtration: Concepts and applications. Environ. Sci. Technol. 1971, 5: 1105-1112 (pdf)
Th, Oct 31 18 In situ soil remediation: soil vapor extraction and pump-and-treat technologies  
   Membrane-based separations
Tu, Nov 5 19

Membrane processes

PPT slides (membrane processes - introduction)
PPT slides (membrane processes - concentration polarization)
PPT slides (membrane processes - fouling)

MWH-1 Ch. 8  
Th, Nov 7 20 HW #3 is due
Tu, Nov 12
21 Reverse osmosis
Board notes: RO system design
MWH-1 Ch. 9
Th, Nov 14
Tu, Nov 19 23 Disinfection
PPT slides
Example problem: Sizing ozone  contactor
MWH-1 Ch. 12
Th, Nov 21 24 HW #4 is due
Tu, Nov 26
Course project - presentations
MWH-1 Ch. 13
Th, Nov 28
Thanksgiving. University closed.
Tu, Dec 3 Recitation. Review for the final exam
HW #5 is due
Th, Dec 5 Recitation. Review for the final exam  
Dec 12
7:45am - 9:45am
Final exam
Final exam preparation guide