Fall 2013
ENE 802: Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering



  • final exam preparation guide (see Contents page)




  • slides and example problem on disinfection (see Contents page)
  • board notes on RO system design (see Contents page)
  • HW#5. Due by the start of the class on Thursday, December 5 (see Assignments page)




Posted (see Contents page):

  • slides on concentration polarization and fouling
  • HW#4 (+ addendum). Due by the start of the class on Thursday, November 21 (see Assignments page)


Posted (see Contents page):

  • slides from the introductory lecture on membranes

10/28 (2nd announcement)

  • HW#3 is posted. Due by the start of the class on Thursday, November 7 (see Assignments page)


  • Posted (see Contents page)
    • on Adsorption
      • (more) Optional reading
    • on Flocculation:
      • Optional reading
    • on Inertial separations:
      • PPT slides and board notes
      • Two papers as recommended reading
    • on Granular media filtration:
      • PPT slides and board notes
      • Optional reading including papers of historical interest
  • Board notes on Carman-Kozeny equation are posted in advance of our meeting on Tuesday, October 29, where we will be discussing this material. Please read ahead and be ready for a discussion.


  • The final exam will take place 7:45am-9:45 on Thursday, December 12 in 1202 EB - the classroom where our class meets regularly (see Contents page). 
  • solution to problem 3 of HW#2 is now uploaded  (see Assignments page)


  • The midterm exam is rescheduled for Thursday, October 24 (see Contents page for adjusted schedule). 
  • Midterm preparation materials are uploaded (see Contents page). 
  • Solutions to HW#2 are uploaded (see Assignments page). Problem 3 solution will be added over the weekend.
  • Graded HW#2 will be distributed on Monday.


  • The midterm exam is rescheduled for Tuesday, October 22 (see Contents page). We will discuss the exam in our class on Tuesday, October 15.
  • There was a typo in problem #1 of HW#2 ("e" was missing) The first equation should read:
    H_T1 = H_T2 * exp{-deltaH^0_diss/R*(1/T1+1/T2)}
    The error should not affect your solution as you are supposed to use the second formula (which is a simplified version of the first)
  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • Summary of the think-pair-share discussion ("most important concepts") for the Coagulation and Flocculation module
  • The book mentioned in class: M. N. Baker. The Quest for Pure Water: The History of Water Purification from the Earliest Records to the Twentieth Century. The American Water Works Association, Inc.; 1st edition. 1949


  • review before our class tomorrow:
    • textbook pp. 196-201 on discrete particle settling (i.e. type I settling)
    • textbook pp. 162-163 on mixing and average (root-mean-square) velocity gradient


  • Amended version of HW2 is uploaded (see Assignments page)
  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • slides from the lecture on coagulation
    • slides on particle stability
    • book chapter by C. O'Melia on particle stability (recommended reading)
    • Excel file with an example DLVO problem solved
    • optional reading materials on coagulation

9/30 (2nd announcement)

  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • Summaries of the think-pair-share discussions ("most important concepts") for Adsorption and Gas Stripping and Aeration modules


  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • PPT slides and board notes on Adsorption
    • Optional reading: on paper on two film theory (pertains to gas stripping) and one on Langmuir adsorption


  • HW#2 is posted. Due by the start of the class on Tuesday, October 15 (see Assignments page)


  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • board notes for the introductory module
      • process selection (pdf)
      • Example problem on the importance of multiple barriers (xls)
    • board notes for the module on gas stripping
      • calculation of (Qa/Q)min (zip)
      • Mass transfer at the interface. Two films theory (pdf)
      • Height of the tower calculation (pdf)
      • illustrations (pdf)


  • Posted (see Contents page):
    • slides from the first two lectures
    • optional reading materials on the history of water treatment

8/30 (2nd announcement)

  • HW#1 is posted. Due by the start of the class on Thursday, September 12 (see Assignments page)
  • Reading assignments are marked on the Contents page


  • Your homework #1 will include an assignment on the comparative evaluation of drinking water standards in the U.S. and another country. Please email me the list of 3 countries of your choice (in the order of preference). Earlier responses will receive priority during country assignments.
  • A PPT file with course overview slides is uploaded (see Contents)
  • Please download a "New course questionnaire " form, fill it out, and send it to me by email