Fall 2015
ENE 802: Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering

  • uploaded
    • solutions to HW assignment #4 (see Assignments)
    • Additional practice problems on membrane separation and disinfection topics for the final exam (see Contents)
    • Final exam preparation guide
  • There are two deadlines for the course porojects:
    • PPTs are due on Dec 8 (the date of in-class presentations) 
    • Final reports are due oby 5pm on Wednesday,  December 16.

11/17 (2nd announcement)

  • uploaded (see Contents)
    • slides for the membrane filtration module

  • solutions to HW assignment #3 (see Assignments)
  • solutions to select problems from the midterm exam (see Contents)


  • uploaded (see Contents)
    • slides, board notes, and recommended reading for the media filtration module
  • HW4 is posted (see Assignments)



  • uploaded (see Contents)
    • Three PDF files with most important concept lists

10/22 (2nd announcement)

  • uploaded (see Assignments)
    • solutions to HW assignment #2


  • uploaded (see Contents)
    • Midtermexam preparation materials


  • uploaded (see Contents):
  • slides, recommended and optional reading for the mixing/coagulation/flocculation module

10/8 (2nd announcement)


  • uploaded (see Contents):
    • slides, board notes and optional reading for the adsorption class
  • The location of the make-up 3:00-4:20pm class on October 8 will be Room 1, Natural Resources Bldg (not to be confused with Natural Science Bldg - please consult MSU map at http://maps.msu.edu/interactive/index.php).


  • 2 classes are rescheduled (see Contents).
    • Sep 22 -> Oct 8
    • Oct 1 -> Oct 14
  • Guest instructor, Dr. Samuel Snow will teach the first two classes (Sep 24, Sep 29) of the "Adsorption" module.
  • In lieu of office hours during Sep 21 - Oct 2 period, I will be available to consult individual ENE802 students or student groups over Skype. Please email me directly to schedule Skype meetings.

9/15 (2nd announcement)

  • uploaded (see Contents):
    • board notes (and accompanying images) for the gas stripping/aeration class
    • slides
  • Please review board notes in preparation for the Thursday meeting


  • Based on your responses to the Doodle, office hours have been changed. New office hours are:
    • Wd 9:00-10:30am
    • Th 3:00 - 4:30 pm


  • uploaded (see Contents):
    • slides on process selection
    • example problem on multiple barriers
    • EPA national primary drinking water regulations
    • description of the course project (2 versions)
  • please respond to the Doodle poll (link sent out at 12:20pm today) to identify better times for office hours and possible times for make-up classes


  • A handout on process selection is uploaded (see Contents)

9/4 (2nd announcement)


  • A PPT file with course overview slides is uploaded (see Contents)


  • Your homework #1 will include an assignment on the comparative evaluation of drinking water standards in the U.S. and another country. Please email me the list of 3 countries of your choice (in the order of preference). Earlier responses will receive priority during country assignments.
  • Please download a "New course questionnaire " form, fill it out, and send it to me by email