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Laboratory safety

Every new member of our research group must download and read CEE Safety Manual.

Prior to beginning experimental work in the laboratory:

  • All new lab members have to complete necessary Environmental Health & Safety online training courses. Taking the following 4 training courses is obligatory:
    1. Chemical hygiene and laboratory safety
      • note 1: this course now includes Hazardous Waste Initial, which used to be a separate course
      • note 2: you will also need to take Hazardous Waste Refresher course but not until
        one year after the initial training was completed
    2. Compressed gas cylinder safety
    3. Security awareness
    4. Biosafety principles
      • Note that following the completion of the Biosafety Principles course you will be required to take Biosafety refresher annually
  • The following documents should be handed over to Mrs. Larner (one set of copies) and Dr. Tarabara (another set of copies):
    1. Completed and signed Employee/student consent statement
      • Note that the "Employee/student consent statement" form is outdated. There is no "orientation videotape" so instead read the Right to Know brochure available here. To access the "Hazardous Communication Document" mentioned in the form follow this link
    2. Completed and signed (by you and your adviser) CEE safety training record
      • Note that the "CEE safety training record" form is outdated. Some of the safety courses have different names now. Therefore, when completing the form you may need to enter additional lines by hand. If you do that make sure to put your initials next to each new entry.
    3. Completed and signed (by you and your adviser) Lab- specific training checklist
    4. Completed and signed (by you and your adviser) Biological safety site-specific training record
    5. EHS training certificates

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  Last revised: 08/28/12