Tarabara research group
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan State University



Funded research projects (current)
Fulbright Ensuring microbiological safety of water: Bacteriophages as human virus surrogates
PIRE: Water and Commerce - Technologies to enable environmental sustainability in global markets (abstract)
Funding: NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program
Project website
Affinity-based hydrocyclone filter for oil-water separation and oil spill cleanup (abstract)
Funding: EPA STAR (Science to Achieve Results) program
04/01/12 - 03/31/17

Collaborative projects with our participation (current)

Assessing and mitigating membrane fouling in membrane-based oil-water separation
Funding: Ministry of Education, Singapore
PI: Dr. Jia Wei Chew (Nanyang Technological University, SMTC)

Fabrication of nanocomposite hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes and their applications in drinking water treatment.
Funding: TUBITAK, Turkey
PI: Dr. Ismail Koyuncu (Istanbul Technical University, MEM-TEK)
06/01/14 - 05/31/17
Integrating bacteriophage and membrane separation knowledge bases to ensure microbiological safety of water supply
Funding: Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global), the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, and the Georgian Research and Development Foundation; Georgia Early Career Scholars program
PI: Dr. Ekaterine Jaiani
12/01/14- 02/28/16
REU: Cross-disciplinary research in sustainable chemistry and chemical processes
Funding:  NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program
Project website

Funded research projects (past)
Collaborative Research: Virus removal in membrane bioreactors: Role of virus aggregation and adhesion (abstract)
Funding: NSF Environmental Engineering program
01/01/13 - 12/31/15

International supplement: Collaboration with the University of Montpellier, France
Project leads in France: Dr. Marc Heran, Dr. Geoffroy Lesage
Paul L. Busch award
Alternative applications of membranes to enhance water quality protection and recycling
Funding: Water Environment Research Foundation
Strategic Partnership: Advanced membrane technologies for a sustainable future
Funding: MSU Foundation
PIRE: New generation synthetic membranes - Nanotechnology for drinking water safety (abstract)
Funding: NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program
Project website
SBIR Phase I: Polymer mesocomposites: Novel materials for compaction-resistant, high-flux water treatment membranes (abstract)
Funding (subcontract to MSU): NSF Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships
On-chip PCR, nanoparticles, and virulence/marker genes for simultaneous detection of 20 waterborne pathogens
Funding: EPA STAR program
Self-cleaning ceramic membranes for the removal of natural and synthetic nanomaterials from drinking water using hybrid ozonation-nanofiltration
Funding: NSF NIRT program
Crossflow filtration hydrocyclone for the treatment of produced water
Funding: M-I Swaco through NSF I/UCRC Center for Multiphase Transport Phenomena
From international research to curricula innovation: Educating globally competent scientists and engineers.
Funding: MSU Office of Faculty and Organizational Development
Regenerable polymer-supported sorbent for aqueous mercury removal
Funding: NSF SGER program
Nanoscale design of aqueous carbon nanotube-reinforced molecular transducers for biosensors
Funding: NSF NER program
 Coupled effects of scaling and colloid deposition on the performance of reverse osmosis membranes
Funding: National Water Research Institute


Collaborative projects with our participation (past)
Development of a novel ballast water treatment system
Funding: Maritime Port Authority, Singapore
PI: Dr. Jiangyong Hu (National University of Singapore)