Tarabara Research Group


Volodymyr Tarabara
Professor, Environmental Engineering


Volodymyr Tarabara

3564 Engineering Building (office)
3570 Engineering Building (laboratory)

Phone: (517) 432-1755
Email: tarabara at msu.edu


Short bio
Dr. Tarabara joined MSU and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2004. He has held a partial appointment as associate director of the MSU Environmental Science and Policy program since 2012. His research interests are in the interdisciplinary area at the junction of colloid and interface science and separation science. Most of the current work focuses on membrane processes and materials. Dr. Tarabara is recipient of 2014 Fulbright U.S. Scholar fellowship and 2011 Paul L. Busch award from Water Environment Research Foundation. He is a member of AEESP, IWA and NAMS, and serves as special collections editor of the ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering. He teaches courses on environmental transport and unit processes.