Tarabara research group
Environmental nanotechnology: membranes, particles, interfaces


Emily N. Tummons, PhD candidate

Office: 3553 Engineering Building [floor map]
Email: tummonse at msu.edu
Phone: 517-432-2418 (lab); (517) 353-6883 (office)


BS (2011) Biological Systems Engineering, Kansas State University


  • Membrane-based separation of oil-water dispersions

Research funding

  • New generation synthetic membranes - Nanotechnology for drinking water safety (PERMEANT)
  • MSU Strategic Partnership: Advanced membrane technologies for a sustainable future


  • 2013 1st place award, ESPP Research Symposium "Water for a Sustainable World", MSU
  • 2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • 2011 University Distinguished Fellowship, MSU
  • 2010 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
  • 2010 Kansas State University Udall Scholarship Nominee
  • 2010 Kansas State University Gamma Sigma Delta Junior Honor Award
  • 2009 Kansas State University College of Engineering Scholarship
  • 2007 Kansas State University Medallion Scholarship
  • 2007 Kansas State University Beckman Memorial Scholarship
  • 2007 Kansas State University Regan Scholarship

 Publications at MSU

1 paper currently in preparation

Book chapters

  1. Tummons, E. N., Herrera-Robledo, M. Membrane Related Conferences, Seminars, Symposia and Workshops.  In: Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology; Hoek, E. M. V., Tarabara, V. V., Eds.; Wiley: Hoboken, NJ, 2013; Vol. 3, pp 2242-2241


  1. Mechanisms of membrane-based separation of oil-water emulsions, 1st ESPP  Research Symposium "Water for a Sustainable World",  East Lansing, MI, November  22, 2013

Conference papers

  1. Ji, P., Shan, W., Hogg, S., Motin, A., Tummons, E. N., Bénard, A., Bruening, M. L., Tarabara, V. V. Affinity-based hydrocyclone filter for oil-water separation and oil spill cleanup. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 21, 2013















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