Tarabara Research Group


Current group members


Hien Dang, PhD candidate, VEF Fellow
Research area: Virus adhesion. Virus interaction with polymer-coated surfaces
Email: hiendang@msu.edu


Charifa Hejase, PhD student, ESPP Fellow
Research area: Stability and surface coalescence of oil droplets. Membrane separation of oil-water emulsions
Email: hejasech@msu.edu


Seyma Kucuk, MS student
Research area: Membrane separation of oil-water emulsions
Email: kucukse1@msu.edu


Akshay Murali, MS student
Research area: Plant-derived coagulants
Email: muraliak@msu.edu


Dr. Hang Shi, Postdoc
Research area: Virus adhesion. Quantification of viruses in complex water matrices
Email: shihang2@msu.edu


Xunhao Wang, MS student
Research area: Virus removal by porous membranes
Email: wangxunh@msu.edu