Tarabara research group
Environmental nanotechnology: membranes, particles, interfaces



Courses (currently offered)

Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering (ENE 802)

  • Level: Graduate
  • Description: Physical and chemical principles of air and water pollution control and environmental contaminants in water, air and soils
  • Offered: Fall of every year
  • Instructors: Mantha (even-numbered years), Tarabara (odd-numbered years)


Dynamics of Environmental Systems (ENE 801)

  • Level: Graduate
  • Description: Principles of mass balance, reaction kinetics, mass transfer, reactor theory in environmental engineering
  • Offered: Spring of every year
  • Instructors: Xagoraraki (even-numbered years), Tarabara (odd-numbered years)


Membrane Processes (ENE 811)

  • Level: Graduate
  • Description: Fundamental principles and applications of membrane processes in environmental engineering 
  • Past offerings: Spring 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014
  • Future offerings: TBA
  • Instrictor: Tarabara


Civil and Environmental Engineering Analysis (CE272)
Probability and Statistics module

  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Description: Selected applications of probability and statistics to topics in civil and environmental engineering
  • Offered: Every semester
  • Instructors (Probability and Statistics module): Haider (Fall semesters), Tarabara (Spring semesters)