Tarabara research group
Environmental nanotechnology: membranes, particles, interfaces



Research highlights

November 2013

Our paper on polymer mesocomposite membranes has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Membrane Science:  Dulebohn, J.; Ahmadiannamini, P.; Wang, T.; Kim, S.-S.; Pinnavaia, T. J.; Tarabara, V. V. Polymer mesocomposites: Ultrafiltration membrane materials with enhanced permeability, selectivity and fouling resistance.
J. Membr. Sci. 2014, 453, 478–488.
This is a collaboration with Dr. Thomas Pinnavaia's research group.

mesocomposite UF membrane

September 2013

Our paper on the behavior of oil droplets in the vicinity of a micropore is published in the Journal of Membrane Science:  Darvishzadeh, T.; Tarabara, V. V.; Priezjev, N. V. Oil droplet behavior at a pore entrance in the presence of crossfow: Implications for microfiltration of oil-water dispersions. J. Membr. Sci. 2013, 447, 442-451. This is a collaboration with Dr. Nikolai Priezjev's research group.

oil droplet pinned at a micropore

Cross-sectional profiles of an oil droplet residing on the circular pore of 0.5 micron diameter
for several values of the capillary number, Ca.

June 2013

Our paper on graphene nanocomposite membranes is now published: Crock, C. A., Rogensues, A. R., Shan, W., Tarabara, V. V. Polymer nanocomposites with graphene-based hierarchical fillers as materials for multifunctional water treatment membranes. Water Res. 2013, 47, 3984-3996

June 2013

Our paper "Microsized particles of Aza222 polymer as a regenerable ultrahigh affinity sorbent for the removal of mercury from aqueous solutions" is accepted for publication in Separ. Purif. Technol. This is a collboration with Dr. Ned Jackson's research group.

Adsorption isotherm for the mercury uptake by Aza222 sorbent

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