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Welcome!  The MOE Lab at Michigan State University  focuses on inorganic and organic excitonic materials for solar energy production and utilization.  We look to exploit oriented, crystalline, nanostructured, and excitonic films through organic-inorganic and organic-organic interactions while studying fundamental relationships between structure and photophysical properties.    Ultimately we aim to apply this understanding to enhance device  efficiencies, lifetime, and functionality. 




With the increased awareness for the environmental impact of energy production, and carbon emission in particular, much focus has been placed on renewable energy sources.  It has been shown that solar energy is one of only several alternative energy sources capable of offsetting a major portion of worldwide energy consumption, as shown above.  Data is adapted from N. Lewis, "Global Energy Perspective" 2007 (available online: http://nsl.caltech.edu/files/energy.ppt).  While a multifaceted approach is required to transition away from fossil fuels, solar energy will surely be key to a sustainable future.



6/1/15:  Dr. Lily Wang joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

5/1/15:  John Suddard and Juan Mena Lapaix on Graduate.  Congratulations!  

4/16/15: Dr. Lunt awarded Faculty Mentor of the Year Award.


4/7/15: Paddy presents at Spring MRS on Nanocluster LEDs. 

4/1/15: John Suddard awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.   Congratulations! 

3/1/15: Dr Lunt and Yimu Zhao featured in the “Spartans Will” commercial



3/23/15: The MOE Lab and Ubiquitous Energy Inc. are highlighted in Bloomberg News


3/20/15: Dr. Lunt gives Centennial Series Seminar at University of Delaware. 

2/1/15:  Yimu’s article selected for the Best of Advanced Optical Materials - 2014 Edition.  Congrats!


1/1/15: Tyler Patrick and Natalia Chamorro, join the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

12/15/14:  Yunhua Ding defends her thesis! Congratulations Yunhua!

12/1/14:  Dr. Lunt to be honored at the MSU Innovation Celebration with the Innovation of the Year Award!

11/5/14:  Dr. Lunt named a 2014 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Environmental Chemistry Mentor (details)


11/1/14: Yimu’s paper is most downloaded article (Nov., Dec., Jan.) in Adv. Opt. Mat.  Congrats!

9/2/14:  Dr. Lunt featured on NPRs Current State (audio link) and front of the Lansing State Journal

9/1/14:  The MOE Lab is awarded SBIR Phase II Award in collaboration with Ubiquitous Energy Inc.

8/25/14: Book on  Organic Solar Cells: Fundamentals, Devices, and Upscaling, now available   (see Ch. 2) 

8/1/14: Dr. Lunt helps to organize the 2014 AVS Symposium held at MSU on August 25th (flyer).  Schedule: http://wwwdev.egr.msu.edu/avs2014/


7/16/14: Yimu’s work on Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrators is highlighted on the cover of the July Issue of Adv. Opt. Mat.  and in MSU Today (Top 3 Most Liked Stories Ever), and other media outlets in over 6s .  Congrats!







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