Dr. Clark J. Radcliffe


Address: 2445 Engineering Building

Phone:   (517) 355-5198
Fax:       (517) 353-1750
Email:    radcliffe@me.msu.edu



Research Interests

  • Design of dynamic systems 
  • Modelling, and control of mechatronic systems 
  • Numerical and experimental methods for dynamic model validation 
  • Software for optimal vibration isolation system design 
  • Acoustic response measurement, acoustic modelling and active control, 
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) of automotive structures 
  • Active control of continuous structures 
  • Controllable fluids such as electrorheological fluids, and magnetorheological fluids 
  • Internet-Based, Distributed, Engineering Design 

Controls Research Laboratory

In the Controls Research Laboratory we develop analystical and experimental methods for solutions to systems and dynamics problems.  The laboratory has facilities for dynamic testing including sensors, data acquisition systems, and spectral analysis equipment.  The laboratory's computer systems also have networked access to awide variety of computational tools through the College of Engineering's computer facilities.  Specific experimental facilities include a full scale automobile body for vibration and acoustic testing and systems for calibration to national laboratory standards.


·         U.S. Patent 5,493,127:  “Feedback Control of Electrorheological Fluid Response”,  Filed December 20, 1994, Granted Feb. 20, 1996

·         U.S. Patent 6,295,535, Method and System for Creating Designs Using Internet-based Agents”, Filed Nov. 1998, Granted Sept. 25, 2001

Selected Recent Publications (Acrobat Files for Download

"Boat Noise Abatement Project Moves Forward", C.J. Radcliffe, K. Dennings and N.Wickes, The Michigan Riparian, August 2003.

“The Internet Engineering Design Agent System: i-EDA”, C.J. Radcliffe, J. Sticklen and G. Gosciak, Proceedings 2002 ASME Internat'l Mech. Engineering Congress and Exhibition, New Orleans, La, Nov. 17-22, 2002. (website with more)

"A Comparison of Two Actuators for a Semi-Active Helmholtz Resonator," C. Birdsong and C.J. Radcliffe, Proceedings 2000 ASME Internat'l Mech. Engineering Congress and Exhibition, Orlando, FL, Nov. 5-10, 2000. (video demo 55Mb)

"Direct Insertion Realization of Non-linear Models of Engineering Systems Using Fixed Input-Output Structure,", B. P. Byam and  C.J. Radcliffe, Proceedings 2000 ASME Internat'l Mech. Engineering Congress and Exhibition, Orlando, FL, Nov. 5-10, 2000.

“Augmenting Conceptual Design with Manufacturing: an Integrated Generic Task Approach, Martinez, I., Lukibanov, O., Lenz, T., Radcliffe, C., and Sticklen, J., Proceedings, 1999 ASME DETC Design for Manufacturing Conf., DETC99/DFM-8948, Las Vegas, NV

"State Feedback Control of Electrorheological Fluids," Clark J. Radcliffe, John R. Lloyd, Ruth M. Andersland and Jeffrey B. Hargrove, ASME International Mechanical Engineering, Congress and Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia, Nov. 1996. 

Additional Information

Dr. Clark  Radcliffe has been at Michigan State University since 1980. He has experience as an engineer in the aerospace industry and served as an engineering officer on a 210' ship in the United States Coast Guard.  After a tour as an engineering instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, he received the Ph.D. from the University of California in 1980 for his work in the dynamics and control of circular saw vibration.  He has served as associate techical editor of two professional journals, chair of the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division, as well as on the Systems and Control Operating Board of ASME.  He has been recognized as a Fellow of ASME.

Dr. Radcliffe’s research and teaching interests are in the area of dynamic systems and control with specific interests in the interfaces between mechanical, electrical and computer systems.   Particular applications include automotive noise control, structural dynamics and electromechanical system design.  His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the major automotive companies, and the Department of Defense.

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