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CSI-Limnology Project Policies

Our team has the philosophy that high-performing collaborative research teams are not born, but carefully built and maintained. At each of our annual all-project participant workshops, we have conducted teamwork exercises that have fed into the establishment of standards of behavior (i.e., team norms). Such explicit team norms can create clear expectations among team members, which can increase levels of trust and maximize benefits for all team members (Goring et al. 2014), and thus increase research team functioning and productivity (Cheruvelil et al. 2014). These norms can then result in team policies about important team practices such as data sharing and co-authorship. We have found that these policies are ever-evolving, and that sometimes surprising conversations occur during policy development, especially among scientists of different disciplines and career-stage. Therefore, these policies should be viewed as living documents that change over time to reflect changing team membership and project goals. In addition to the online supplements associated with Cheruvelil et al. (2014), another source for existing policies is the Operating Principles and Procedures document developed for the Global Lakes Ecological Observation Network (GLEON)

Here are four policies that we have created, continue to revise, and use for our CSI-Limnology project:

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