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Experimental and Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics for Manufacturing

Dr. Farhang Pourboghrat
Associate Professor 

Mechanical Engineering Department 
2241 Engineering Building 
Michigan State University 
East Lansing, MI 48824 
(517) 432-0189 
(517) 353-1750 (Fax) 


Ph.D., 1992 University of Minnesota 
M.Sc., 1983 University of Iowa 
B.Sc., 1981 University of Iowa 

Courses Taught

Mechanical Design I -- ME 222, ME 371, ME471, ME 481 

Manufacturing Analysis -- ME 874 (Offered in Spring of Even Years) 

Research Interests 

Research interests includes: Warm Forming; Metal and Composite Sheet Thermo-Hydroforming; Tube Hydroforming; Temperature and Rate-Dependent Material Models; Polycrystalline Plasticity Models; Temperature Dependent Forming Limit Diagrams (FLD); Fracture and Damage Mechanics.


Selected Research Projects

Micromechanical Modeling of Fracture at Grain Boundaries in Aluminum Alloys (Alcoa)

Quantitative Comparison of Aluminum Alloy Sheet Forming Methods (GM Research Lab)

Thermo-hydroforming of Aluminum Sheet Alloys (GM Research Lab)

Hydroforming of Manifold Sleeve Inserts for Diesel Cylinder (Eaton Corp)

Design and Engineering of Green Composites From Bio-Fibers and Bio-plastics,” (NSF- PREMISE - PHASE II)

Constitutive Modeling for Polycrystalline Aluminum Alloy Extrusions and Application to Hydroforming of Thin-Walled Tubes (NSF-GOALI)

Rapid Product Development in International Production (NSF-PFI)

Development of an Efficeint Finite Element Code for Tube Hydroforming (GM, FORD)

Composite Sheet Thermo-Hydroforming  (CMSC-MSU)

Microstructural Evolution During Stamping of Textile Preforms (GM)

Selected Publications 

 Zampaloni, M., Pourboghrat, F., Yankovich, S. A., Rodgers, B. N., James Moore, Misra, M., Mohanty, A. K., and Drzal, L. T., Kenaf Natural Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composites: A Discussion on Manufacturing Problems and Solutions”, Composites – Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing (in print)

Guan, Y., Pourboghrat, F., and Barlat, F., “Finite element analysis of aluminum tube hydroforming based on nonquadratic yield function,” International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management (in print).

Telang, A. U., Bieler, T. R., Zamiri, A., Pourboghrat, F., “Incremental Recrystallization/Grain Growth Driven by Elastic Strain Energy Release in a Thermomechanically Fatigued Lead-Free Solder Joint,” Acta Materialia (in print).

Zamiri, A., Pourboghrat, F., and Barlat, F., “An Effective Computational Algorithm for Rate-Independent Crystal Plasticity Based on a Single Crystal Yield Surface with an Application to Tube Hydroforming,” Int. J. Plasticity, 23 (2007) 1126-1147.

 Abedrabbo, N., Pourboghrat, F. and Carsley, J., “Forming of AA5182-O and AA5754-O at Elevated Temperatures using Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Finite Element Models,” Int. J. Plasticity, 23 (2007) 841-875.

Maheedhara, S. S., and Pourboghrat, F.,Finite Element Analysis of Composite Worm Gears,” Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 27-51, January (2007).

Yoon, J.W., Chung, K., Pourboghrat, F., and Barlat, F.,Design Optimization of Extruded Preform for Hydroforming Processes Based on Ideal Forming Theory,” Int. J., Mech. Sci. 48 (2006) 1416-1428.

Guan, Y., Pourboghrat, F., and Yu, W. R., “Fourier Series Based Finite Element Analysis of Tube Hydroforming – An Axisymmetric Model,” Engineering Computations: International Journal for Computer-Aided Engineering and Software, Vol. 23, No. 7, (2006), pp. 697- 728.

Guan, Y., Pourboghrat, F., and Barlat, F., “Finite Element Modeling of Tube Hydroforming of Polycrystalline Aluminum Alloy Extrusions,” International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 22, Issue 2, February, pp. 2366-2393, (2006).

 Zamiri, A., Pourboghrat, F., H. Jiang, T.R. Bieler, F. Barlat and John Brem, “On Mechanical Properties of the Superconducting Niobium,” Journal of Materials Science and Engineering A, 435–436, 658–665, (2006).

Abedrabbo, N., Pourboghrat, F. and Carsley, J., ”Forming of Aluminum Alloys at Elevated Temperatures – Part 2: Numerical Modeling and Experimental Verification,” International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 22, Issue 2, February, Pages 314-341, (2006).

Abedrabbo, N., Pourboghrat, F. and Carsley, J., ”Forming of Aluminum Alloys at Elevated Temperatures – Part 1: Material Characterization,” International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 22, Issue 2, February, Pages 342-373, (2006).

Lee, S. W. and Pourboghrat, F., “ Stress    Integration Algorithm considering Lemaitre Damage Model and its Application to the Punchless Piercing Process,” Int. J. Mech. Sci. Vol. 47, pp. 1756-1768, (2005).

Bieler, T.R., Fallahi, A., Ng, B.C., Kumar, D., Crimp, M.A., Simkin, B.A., Zamiri, A., Pourboghrat, F. and D.E. Mason, “Fracture Initiation/Propagation Parameters for Duplex TiAl Grain Boundaries Based on Twinning, Slip, Crystal Orientation, and Boundary Misorientation,” Intermetallics, Volume 13, Issue 9, September, Pages 979-984, (2005)

Yu, W. R., Zampaloni, M., Pourboghrat, F., Chung, K. and Kang, T. J., “Analysis of Flexible Bending Behavior of Woven Preform Using Non-orthogonal Constitutive Equation,” Composites – Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Volume 36, Issue 6, June (2005), Pages 839-850.

Abedrabbo, N., Zampaloni, M., and Pourboghrat, F.,  “Wrinkling Control in Aluminum Sheet Hydroforming,” Int. J. Mech. Sci. Vol. 47/3 (2005), pp. 333-358.

 Other Professional Experiences 

Aluminum Company of America (1990-1998) - Staff Scientist 

Technical Society Membership 

  • Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 
  • Member of Sigma Xi Technical Honor Society 

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