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Current Students / Group Members:

Ammar Safaie, Ph.D.
Guoting Kang, Ph.D.
Qiu Han, Ph.D.
Chelsea Weiskerger, Ph.D.
Tula Ngasala, Ph.D. (joint with Prof. Susan Masten)

Former Students / Group Members:

Tuan D. Nguyen, Ph.D. (2014), Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Hanoi
Jie Niu, Ph.D. (2013), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California
Pramod Thupaki, Ph.D. (2011), Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, Canada
Chaopeng Shen, Ph.D. (2009), Pennsylvania State University
Irfan Aslam, Ph.D. (2006, joint with Prof. Thomas Voice), SNC-Lavalin Environment, Canada
Dr. Zhongfu Ge (Postdoc), American Bureau of Shipping, Texas
Dr. Lubo Liu (Postdoc), California State University, Fresno, California
Dr. Itza Mendoza (Postdoc), National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
Jin Jingwei, M.S. (2015), Stanford University
Aaron Wendzel, M.S. (2014), Rowe Professional Services
George H. Wimbrow II, M.S. (2012), GE Healthcare, Wisconsin
Rammesh Nav, M.S. (2007), Discover Financial Services
Heather Stevens, M.S. (2009), Arcadis US, Inc.
Geneva Hulslander, M.S. (2010), Fishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber
Nick Nelson (Undergrad, 2010)
Rachel Wandmacher (Undergrad, 2011)


(Spring 2014) Congratulations to Tuan Nguyen who successfully defended his doctoral research on May 9, 2014: "Circulation and Exchange in the Saginaw Bay - Lake Huron System: Field Observatios and Numerical Modeling"

(Spring 2014) Congratulations to Aaron Wendzel who received the Outstanding ENE Graduate Student Award!

(Fall 2013) Congratulations to Jie Niu who successfully defended his doctoral research on December 3, 2013: "Modeling the Movement of Water, Nutrients and Bacteria Across Heterogeneous Landscapes in the Great Lakes Region Using a Process-Based Hydrologic Model"