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High-gain Observers (basic theory)


High-gain Observers (discrete-time implementation)


High-gain Observers (unmodeled dynamics)


High-gain observer (time delay)

         J. Lei and H.K. Khalil. High-gain-predictor-based output feedback control for time-delay nonlinear systems. Automatica, vol. 71, 324-333, 2016.

         J. Lei and H.K. Khalil. Feedback linearization for nonlinear systems with time-varying input and output delays by using high-gain predictor. IEEE Trans. Automat. Contr., vol. 61, 2262-2268, 2016.


High-Gain Observers (effect of measurement noise)


Extended High-Gain Observers

         J. Lee, R. Mukherjee, and H.K. Khalil. Output feedback performance recovery in the presence of uncertainties. Systems & Control Letters, vol. 90, 31-37, 2016.

         H.K. Khalil. Extended high-gain observers as disturbance estimators. SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration, vol. 10, 125--134, 2017.

         A.M. Boker and H.K. Khalil. Semi-global output feedback stabilization of non-minimum phase nonlinear systems. IEEE Trans. Automat. Contr., vol. 62, 4005--4010, 2017.


Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems


Adaptive Control Using Neural Networks


Logic-based Switching


Nonlinear Sampled-data Control


Extended Kalman Filter


Nonlinear Integral Control


Nonlinear Regulation (Servomechanisms)


Multi-agent Systems

         D. Chowdhury and H.K. Khalil. Fast consensus in multi-agent systems with star topology using high gain observers. IEEE Control Systems Letters, vol. 1, 188-193, 2017.


Control of Induction Motors


Feedback Control of Singularly Perturbed Systems


Nanopositioning and Systems with Hysteresis


Mechanical Systems

         J. Lee, R. Mukherjee, and H.K. Khalil. Output feedback stabilization of inverted pendulum on a cart in the presence of uncertainties. Automatica, vol. 54, 146-157, 2015.

         R. Jafari, F.B. Mathis, R. Mukherjee and H. Khalil. Enlarging the region of attraction of equilibria of underactuated systems using impulsive inputs. IEEE Trans. Contr. Sys. Tech., vol. 24, 334-340, 2016.