EE 835: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I

Instructor: Leo C. Kempel Email: Web: Phone: 353-9944 Text: EE835 Course Notes Professor K-M Chen Michigan State University
Available at 1277 Anthony Hall Copy Center References: 1) A. Ishimaru, "Electromagnetic wave radiation and scattering," Prentice-Hall, 1991.
2) C.A. Balanis, "Advanced engineering electromagnetics," Wiley, 1989.
3) J. Wait, "Electromagnetic wave theory," Harper&Row, 1985.
4) R. Harrington, "time-harmonic electromagnetic fields," McGraw-Hill, 1961. Time & Place: Fall Semester 1998 MW 2:50-4:00 1314 Engineering Building Course Outline: 1) Electrostatics 2) Magnetostatics 3) Time-varying electromagnetic fields 4) Maxwell's equations 5) EM waves in a source-free regions (homogeneous wave equations) 6) EM waves radiated by sources (inhomogeneous wave equations) 7) Generalized Maxwell's equations 8) Potential functions 9) Radiations from simple sources 10) Scalar and dyadic Green's functions Course Grading: Mid-term Exam (30%) Final Exam (45%) Project (10%) Homework (15%) Note: The project will consist of a paper/research review and 15 min. presentation.