A Finished Chassis

Posted by Dan Riggs On March - 7 - 2013

Just a few weeks ago an exciting moment in Michigan State’s Formula SAE team’s year took place. A major milestone in any racing teams calendar was fulfilled. The teams carbon fiber monocoque chassis was returned from Pratt and Whitney’s autoclave and returned to our shop in all its glory. The completion of the chassis is a huge part of the manufacturing process and a big morale booster to all the team members, especially the chassis team. A team that has been putting in countless long days and nights. To see their hard work come together is a great feeling. A few members commented that unwrapping the chassis from its protective vacuum cover was like opening presents on Christmas morning. For other team members just seeing the completed chassis is a physical realization that Car 15 is coming together and no longer a bunch of segmented parts being worked on around the shop.

Competing the chassis was by no means easy or stress free. There were a few minor set backs and delays along the way, but the finished product came out beautifully. Thanks goes out to the hard work of our chassis team, especially chassis team leader Ben Bosworth and members Alex Williams, Saurabh Sinha, and Jocelyn Modelski. Thanks to our dedicated members diligent work and commitment we have a great looking chassis for Car 15.

Special thanks go out to our all our sponsors that donated the carbon fiber and other layup materials required to accomplish this project. Especially, Pratt and Whitney, Gurit, and TeXtreme.

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