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Recruitment Meeting

Posted by Matt Jarosz On September - 28 - 2009
8:00 pmto9:00 pm

Join us at 1410 BPS Building (8:00pm) for our first recruitment meeting!

MSU FSAE is looking for new recruits!

Posted by Matt Jarosz On September - 21 - 2009

It’s that time of year again! The Michigan State Formula Racing Team will begin looking for new members to join its ranks in the coming weeks. MSU FSAE, one of the most highly regarded student-led organizations, serves as a valuable and exciting experience in your career. Gain knowledge and hands-on experience with the complete manufacturing process of a race car, learn to work with corporate sponsors, and publicize new events.

We’re looking for students from EVERY major! Engineering, business, and other majors are encouraged to attend our first recruiting meeting:

Recruitment Meeting:

Tuesday, September 29th


1410 BPS Building

If you can’t make that meeting, we also have a general meeting at our workshop:

General Meeting:

Wednesday, September 30th
Engineering Research workshop on Jolly Road (see contact page for more details)

If you need a ride to either meeting or have any questions, please be sure to contact us to let us know!

Welcome to our new site!

Posted by Matt Jarosz On September - 13 - 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, the Michigan State University Formula Racing Team has been pretty busy getting for the new year. Soon, a new car will begin to take form, and to celebrate the recent changes, we have launched a new website. We hope the new site will make it easy for students, faculty, sponsors, and other visitors to learn more about the team and cultivate a greater bond between the team and its fans.

You’ll notice that the site features an extensive array of new media and content. The team will no longer be using its former blog: this newly launched site will serve as your sole beacon for all things MSU FSAE.

Key features:

  • Email subscriptions: enter your email to receive automatic mail with new posts and events
  • Videos: check out all of our most recent videos, pulled straight from our Youtube channel
  • Photos: we will update our galleries with new photos on a continuous basis, so be sure to check back!
  • Comments: Post a comment on any post! We’ll join in!

Be sure to return often to learn more about events and news, as they will be posted on a continuous basis. Interested in sending us an inquiry? Check our our contact page for all of our information and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Thanks to Logic Supply!

Posted by Josh Frontiera On September - 5 - 2009

Big thanks to Logic Supply who donated the computer for Car 12! The computer is utilized as an on-board Telemetry Computer which reads in the data from our Data Logger and Engine Controller Unit (ECU) via the available USB ports. Utilizing the on-board system allows the team to increase the efficiency of testing sessions with the ability to review engine parameters and various other data channels in real, time via a USB radio modem, without having to sacrifice the conditions produced by simulated endurance sessions.

Additionally, trackside engineers can diagnose any conditions or problems without driver distraction. This compact unit is light and easily packages into our chassis and electrical system, thereby minimizing the weight added to the car and demand on the electrical system. As an investment, the future of our telemetry computer will involve remote adjustment of control systems with prescribed parameters to help us understand how our car responds to our engine control systems and quickly determine how to adjust our control systems to give us the fastest times on the track. Our telemetry computer gives us the advantage we need to take home the 1st place trophy.

2009 Traverse City Cherry Festival Parade

Posted by Josh Frontiera On September - 5 - 2009

Gorgeous weather, excited bystanders, and a very enthusiastic team of MSU students, alumni and supporters barely paints a picture of the kick of to the 2009 Cherry Festival Parade earlier this morning. The team joined the MSU Alumni Association, MSU Dance Team, and Sparty as we marched through downtown traverse city and local neighborhoods.

Car 51 ran perfectly all morning thanks to a strong effort from new team leaders who performed an clutch swap the week prior which involves removing the entire engine from the Car. Team members performed a “Nascar” like pit stop performance in the middle of the parade due to a faulty shifting bottle. Again, a big thanks to the guys over at Hagerty who were kind enough to let us use their facilities throughout the parade and helped organize the event.

Hagerty Family Car Show

Posted by Josh Frontiera On September - 5 - 2009

Today, the MSU Formula Racing Team attended the Hagerty Family Car Show in downtown Traverse City. Although the theme was UofM vs. MSU, it made for a fun and energetic atmosphere. Car 51 was displayed next to UofM’s 2008 Solar Car, both of which drew a tremendous amount of traffic.

As always the questions came rolling in about the program, its affiliation with the University, and what exactly we do. Events like the Hagerty Family Car Show are exciting because it allows team members to talk about all the work they have put into the race car. More specifically, what they have learned from their experience designing, manufacturing, and testing the car.

After the show is over, the team will be rushing Car 51 back to the shop where it will undergo a clutch replacement and have several of it’s systems checked over so that it is ready to lay down rubber in the streets of downtown Traverse City as it partakes in the 2009 Cherry Festival Parade.

Big thanks to all of those at Hagerty who created the fundraiser for the MSU and UofM teams. We really appreciate all the help guys! Visit the Hagerty website for more information and check out the Car Show Video!