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A Finished Chassis

Posted by Dan Riggs On March - 7 - 2013

Just a few weeks ago an exciting moment in Michigan State’s Formula SAE team’s year took place. A major milestone in any racing teams calendar was fulfilled. The teams carbon fiber monocoque chassis was returned from Pratt and Whitney’s autoclave and returned to our shop in all its glory. The completion of the chassis is a huge part of the manufacturing process and a big morale booster to all the team members, especially the chassis team. A team that has been putting in countless long days and nights. To see their hard work come together is a great feeling. A few members commented that unwrapping the chassis from its protective vacuum cover was like opening presents on Christmas morning. For other team members just seeing the completed chassis is a physical realization that Car 15 is coming together and no longer a bunch of segmented parts being worked on around the shop.

Competing the chassis was by no means easy or stress free. There were a few minor set backs and delays along the way, but the finished product came out beautifully. Thanks goes out to the hard work of our chassis team, especially chassis team leader Ben Bosworth and members Alex Williams, Saurabh Sinha, and Jocelyn Modelski. Thanks to our dedicated members diligent work and commitment we have a great looking chassis for Car 15.

Special thanks go out to our all our sponsors that donated the carbon fiber and other layup materials required to accomplish this project. Especially, Pratt and Whitney, Gurit, and TeXtreme.

Auto Show Success and Upcoming Events

Posted by Dan Riggs On January - 30 - 2013

Michigan State’s Formula Racing Team came well prepared for this years North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. The team had a beautiful display set up on the lower level of Cobo Hall. The display featured three of the teams most recent cars, a collection of the teams trophies, and an elegant lighting display donated by Skyline®. The Auto Show gave the team the chance to get out of the work shop and share their enthusiasm for racing and love of building race cars with the show’s visitors. The Auto Show turned out to be a great success and was enjoyed by everyone involved.


The team will also be promoting their cars at upcoming events around campus;

On Thursday, January 31st the team will be attending O-Night in Wilson Hall from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

On Sunday, February 17th team members will be at Impression 5 Science Center in downtown Lansing from 12:00- 4:30pm.

Christmas Break 2012

Posted by Dan Riggs On December - 18 - 2012

The semester has ended. For most students that means heading home for the holidays. However, the beginning of break for Michigan State’s Formula Racing Team means that the real work has just begun. Christmas break is the busiest time of year for the Formula team, and it is a time when the car really comes together. By the end of break, the team plans on completing a majority of the chassis fabrication along with numerous other projects. Our members are extremely committed and will be constantly rotating in and out over break to make sure that car 15 is on schedule for completion.

2012-2013 Recruiting

Posted by David Caples On August - 13 - 2012

Fall semester is rapidly approaching, which means it’s almost time for new members to join our team! Find us at the following events to see what we’re all about, check out the car, and sign up for our mailing list to start the process to join!

Monday, Aug. 27 – All day
Outside Wilson Hall

Tuesday, Aug. 28 – 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Colloquium at the Engineering Building (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM)
Sparticipation at Munn Field (3:00 PM to 8:00 PM)

Thursday, Aug. 30 – All day
Outside the Engineering Building on Shaw Ln.

Tuesday, Sep. 4 – All day
Outside Business College

Wednesday, Sep. 5 – All day
Outside Business College

Wednesday, Sep. 19 – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Main Recruiting Meeting in 1345 the Engineering Building
(Big auditorium by Sparty’s on the west side of the building)

Tuesday, Sep. 25 – 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
O-Night in Wilson Hall

It is very important to attend the main recruiting meeting if you plan on joining! A lot of information about the team and how to join will be presented in the meeting. However, we all understand if you can’t make it and missing it doesn’t mean you can’t still join the team. Just let us know if you can’t make it, we’ll fill you in on what you missed.

Feel free to contact Team Captain Chris Archambo ( with any questions.

Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook! Click here to visit our page. We coordinate most of the recruiting through our Facebook page.

Remember, anyone can join the team. All majors are accepted and no previous knowledge is required! Freshman through Super-senior, even grad students, may participate.

6th Place Overall at FSAE-Lincoln!

Posted by David Caples On July - 2 - 2012

After the disappointment at Michigan, the team was determined to reach the full potential of the vehicle and finish in the top 10 at Lincoln. Between the two competitions, the entire car had been pushed to its limits during testing. The team had logged over 350 miles of testing on the vehicle and the vehicle tune was highly refined. Many improvements had been made to the two components that failed during Michigan and the car was much more reliable.

The first day of competition went extremely well, the vehicle passed every step of the technical inspection on the first attempt and we were able to get the car out onto the small practice track that was set up. Using the resulting data, the car was further adjusted to the extremely high-traction surface of the Lincoln site.

The team performed well in the cost and presentation events resulting in 15th and 21st positions, respectively. For the first time in four years the team made it to the design finals and ended up placing 4th overall! Design finals were an incredibly rewarding experience from which the knowledge gained will carry over into the new vehicle’s design. The other design finalists included: the University of Washington, the University of Kansas – Lawrence, the University of Texas – Arlington, Missouri University S&T, McGill University, Centro Universitario Da FEI, and Texas A&M University – College Station.

Then in the dynamic events, the team placed 13th and 2nd overall in Skid Pad and Acceleration, respectively. Another top 3 finish in the Acceleration event! In Autocross, the car setup was much improved over the set up at Michigan and our fastest lap time placed us in 11th overall. Our drivers reported that the car felt very balanced and we were in good shape for the endurance event. The rest of the day was spent preparing the car for Endurance. No shortcuts were being taken after what happened at Michigan, every single fastener and component was inspected.

In Endurance, the first driver performed exceptionally well, posting lap times rivaling those of the fastest teams. The car looked and sounded great. Then, at driver change, the car fired up with very little hesitation and our second driver also pushed the car to its limits. Indescribable emotion filled the team as the car took the checkered flag and finished Endurance. We used 1.013 gallons of fuel to complete the endurance, an astonishing 40% less than the previous year, placing us in 14th in the event. We were unsure how we placed in Endurance, but SAE made us re-tech (which they do to the top-finishing competitors), which was a first for the current team members. We, of course, passed with no issues. During the award ceremony, they listed off the teams that finished all events that were not in the top 10…. And our name wasn’t called, we made the top ten! After a dramatic listing of the top ten teams, we heard our named called in the 6th position! The first top ten finish for the team in over 4 years! We ended up finishing 13th in Endurance.

We cannot thank our sponsors enough for giving us the opportunity to experience what we did in Lincoln. Not only did we learn many technical and life skills that will help us in our careers, but we built memories and friendships that will last for entire lives. Without your support, none of this would have been possible.

We are extremely excited for the upcoming year! Eight of the nine current team members will be returning to the team and we are expecting great things. We hope to see everyone back on board for the 2012-2013 year! The vehicle design is already underway.

3rd Place Finish in Endurance at Goodyear Shootout!

Posted by David Caples On October - 11 - 2011

The MSU Formula Racing Team finished endurance in 3rd place at the 2011 Goodyear Shootout! The event was hosted on September 17th at the Goodyear Proving Grounds in Akron, Ohio. Scott Smith and Chris Archambo put together an endurance time that only the University of Akron and Missouri S&T could beat, who finished first and second respectively. The team would like to thank Goodyear and all of the volunteers for hosting the event, it was an incredible day and a great learning experience.

2011-2012 Fall Recruiting

Posted by David Caples On August - 2 - 2011

Fall semester is just a little over three weeks away. Therefore it’s almost time to begin to recruit new team members to the team! Keep checking the website and follow our Facebook for more information about recruiting! Also you can email Brady Thom, the Project Manager, at to be added to a mailing list for future updates.

Remember, anyone can join the team. All majors are accepted and no previous knowledge is required! Freshman through Super-senior, even grad students, may participate.

More information will follow in the next couple weeks as recruiting events get scheduled so stay tuned.

15th Place at FSAE MIS 2011!

Posted by David Caples On August - 2 - 2011

After a year of hard work, the team finished in 15th place overall out of 122 teams, a 9 position increase compared to last year. The event went very smoothly with not a single technical problem while driving and the car passed technical inspections without a single car adjustment, the first time in MSU history! The team scored 15th in Design, 26th in Presentation, 35th in Cost, 19th in Acceleration, 33rd in Skid Pad, 10th in Autocross, 13th in Endurance, and 36th in Fuel Economy. The team was one of only 36 teams (29.5%) to complete the Endurance event and only 27 teams (22.1%) to score in every event.

We cannot thank our sponsors enough who supported us through the entire year. Without their support, none of this success would have been possible. The team plans to build on this success and is already hard at work designing the 2011-2012 Car, a car that is shooting for podium!

More pictures to come!

NAIAS 2011

Posted by Josh Frontiera On January - 12 - 2011


Hey all!
The MSU Formula Racing Team is at the North American International Auto Show again this year! Come check out our exhibit located on the Concourse across from the entrance of Detroit Hall. We’d love to chat with you regarding the progress on our 2011 race car and review some of our past Race Cars including Car 71, 51 and Car 9.

The show looks great so come check it out! We look forward to seeing you at COBO!

Big thanks to the following sponsors who made our exhibit possible!

NAIAS, Skyline West Michigan, MSU College of Engineering, EPJ Logistics, D.E. McNabb, Convention Show Services, Allegra Printing, and ASAP Printing.

Seasons Greetings!

Posted by Alex Piku On December - 20 - 2010

The fall semester at Michigan State has come to an end, and team members have finished with their classes and exams. As the team begins its most intense period of fabrication over winter break, we would like to wish all of our friends and supporters the very best this holiday season. The Team is looking forward to 2011 being a great year for racing!