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Tough Finish at FSAE-Michigan

Posted by David Caples On July - 2 - 2012

The competition started out strong for us. We easily passed technical inspections with only minor vehicle adjustments. Design went extremely well, and we ultimately ended up placing 11th. We were informed by our design judges during our design review that we would have been the next car into design finals, had the car been a little lighter. Something we will definitely pursue for both Lincoln and next year! We also placed 25th and 58th in the Presentation and Cost events, respectively.

The car performed very well in the Acceleration event, winning 2nd place overall. However, in Skid Pad and Autocross, it was evident that the car’s setup was not tuned very well for the new, more slick, surface at MIS. The team placed 39th and 47th, respectively.

Overnight, the vehicle was adjusted and prepared for the Endurance. The car’s handling was much improved during the first stint of the Endurance; however the shifting system blew a fitting on lap 4, causing the vehicle to be stuck in second gear. At driver change, the car was looked over by the tech inspectors and cleared to continue, however the engine would not restart for the second driver. After further investigations, it appears as though the starter motor overheated and did not produce enough torque to turn the engine over. A full investigation will need to be launched into both issues prior to Lincoln.

The team left with disappointment at Michigan. However, the disappointment was not because the car wasn’t designed well, but rather the team knew it had just barely touched its potential. However, that disappointment rapidly turned into determination for the next competition, which was just over a month away. We ended up placing 48th overall out of 118 registered teams.

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us the entire year. This competition was a huge learning experience and the knowledge gained will be applied to Lincoln. We are definitely shooting for a top ten finish at Lincoln!

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Documentary Trailer

Posted by Alex Piku On April - 9 - 2011

MSU Media, Arts and Technology Students have been out at the Formula Team shop filming, as the team prepares car 51 for competition. They are making a short documentary on the team, which will air on local TV in the coming weeks.

Check out a preview clip!

NAIAS 2011

Posted by Josh Frontiera On January - 12 - 2011


Hey all!
The MSU Formula Racing Team is at the North American International Auto Show again this year! Come check out our exhibit located on the Concourse across from the entrance of Detroit Hall. We’d love to chat with you regarding the progress on our 2011 race car and review some of our past Race Cars including Car 71, 51 and Car 9.

The show looks great so come check it out! We look forward to seeing you at COBO!

Big thanks to the following sponsors who made our exhibit possible!

NAIAS, Skyline West Michigan, MSU College of Engineering, EPJ Logistics, D.E. McNabb, Convention Show Services, Allegra Printing, and ASAP Printing.

MSU Midnight Madness – Tom Izzo drove our car!

Posted by Matt Jarosz On October - 19 - 2009

This past weekend, MSU celebrated its annual homecoming, welcoming alumni and families to our beautiful campus. One of the most talked about events during homecoming was Tom Izzo’s entrance at Midnight Madness, a pep rally to build momentum as the basketball team enters its season.

In a booming entrance, Coach Izzo, one of the most beloved figures in college sports, drove the MSU Formula SAE Car 51 into the center of the basketball arena. As fans, students, and faculty cheered, Izzo’s grand enterance marked a significant achievement in the progression of our team.

Be sure to check out our pictures and promo video (featuring Coach Izzo driving the car) below!

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Car 12: It’s coming!

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Team members continue to work hard to get Car 12 finished; relinquishing their personal lives in order to finish fabrication. Take a look at the various areas that are currently works in progress.

Side pods are back!

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Tonight the plugs came back for Car 12′s sidepods. Team alumni Jon Luckhardt’s uncle was kind enough to offer up the services of his business to do the machining based upon Aero Team Leader James Guitar’s design. In record time, the plugs went from blocks of Huntsman Corporation Renshape to the sculpted plugs that you see here.

Thanks to Jon and his family for their generosity and support of our program!

Hours of Operation

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Team members continue to leapfrog from class to the race car shop each day to work on Car 12. In case some of you aren’t familiar with the average work schedule of an MSU Formula SAE Team member, it goes something like this:

Monday, 5-6 pm: arrive at shop
Monday, 12-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Tuesday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Wednesday: Repeat Monday’s schedule, include General Team Meeting at 7 pm

Thursday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Friday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Saturday, 10 am: arrive at shop
Saturday: 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Sunday, 10 am: Team Leader’s meeting
Sunday, 11 am: fabrication starts
Sunday, 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Additionally, all procurement of supplies and sponsorship relations, plus any shipping and receiving of outsourced components, are handled during business hours each weekday.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fabrication that has taken place during these hours and more. Enjoy!

Progress on Car 12 continues

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

It’s been a little while since we posted up pictures of what team members spend the vast majority of their time doing: fabrication. Here are a few pictures highlighting the many late nights that have carried through into early mornings for team members of the past few weeks.

Uni: Part V

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Car 12′s molds are back from their second cure at Pratt & Whitney AutoAir’s autoclave, and are currently being prepared for the third and final section prior to being able to being able to be used to actually manufacture Car 12′s chassis. A huge thanks to Pratt & Whitney and team alum Kevin Mead for generously providing the autoclave usage to make Car 12 possible!