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Side pods are back!

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Tonight the plugs came back for Car 12′s sidepods. Team alumni Jon Luckhardt’s uncle was kind enough to offer up the services of his business to do the machining based upon Aero Team Leader James Guitar’s design. In record time, the plugs went from blocks of Huntsman Corporation Renshape to the sculpted plugs that you see here.

Thanks to Jon and his family for their generosity and support of our program!

Hours of Operation

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Team members continue to leapfrog from class to the race car shop each day to work on Car 12. In case some of you aren’t familiar with the average work schedule of an MSU Formula SAE Team member, it goes something like this:

Monday, 5-6 pm: arrive at shop
Monday, 12-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Tuesday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Wednesday: Repeat Monday’s schedule, include General Team Meeting at 7 pm

Thursday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Friday: Repeat Monday’s schedule

Saturday, 10 am: arrive at shop
Saturday: 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Sunday, 10 am: Team Leader’s meeting
Sunday, 11 am: fabrication starts
Sunday, 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Additionally, all procurement of supplies and sponsorship relations, plus any shipping and receiving of outsourced components, are handled during business hours each weekday.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fabrication that has taken place during these hours and more. Enjoy!

Most Dedicated Team Members: January & February

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

A tonight’s general meeting, the first Most Dedicated Team Members 2009 were announced. As has occasionally happened in the past with this award, we had a tie. Both Scott Smith and Brian Smith worked extremely hard during January, seemingly never leaving the shop. Though this was the case with many people, it was felt amongst senior team members that both Scott and Brian had really distinguished themselves over and above everyone with the time they put into the team and their constant positive work ethic during this month. Congrats to both!

February was a busy month for the team and for Mike O’Brien, the March 2009 Most Dedicated Team Member. Consistently throughout this heavy build month, Mike was at the shop fabricating. His work ethic and productivity set a good example for both new and old team members alike and helped motivate others to work harder. A huge thanks to Mike!

Progress on Car 12 continues

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

It’s been a little while since we posted up pictures of what team members spend the vast majority of their time doing: fabrication. Here are a few pictures highlighting the many late nights that have carried through into early mornings for team members of the past few weeks.

Uni: Part V

Posted by Josh Frontiera On April - 20 - 2009

Car 12′s molds are back from their second cure at Pratt & Whitney AutoAir’s autoclave, and are currently being prepared for the third and final section prior to being able to being able to be used to actually manufacture Car 12′s chassis. A huge thanks to Pratt & Whitney and team alum Kevin Mead for generously providing the autoclave usage to make Car 12 possible!

North American International Auto Show

Posted by Josh Frontiera On March - 11 - 2009

The team just wrapped it’s 4th time exhibiting at the North American International Auto Show; one of the largest and most prestigious showings of automotive design in the world. For the last two weeks, team members have road-tripped down to Cobo Hall in Detroit to show off the last three iterations of MSU’s Formula SAE cars.

This year, we were proud to center our display around the team’s Go Clean environmental campaign. Contrary to many of the questions that we received during the NAIAS simply surrounding biofuels, to Go Clean is about far more than just running cleaner fuels. To us – ‘greening up’ the automobile is about doing everything that we can to remove our team, our manufacturing, and of course the final product – Car 12 – from the environmental impact equation. Have a look at the Go Clean website and learn more!

The team would like to extend an extra special thanks to all of the companies who made our 2009 NAIAS possible. Without the help from all of the generous people at the North American International Auto Show, especially the dedicated Director of Exhibit Compliance, Marilyn Doebler, our NAIAS displays would never come to fruition. The team would also like to thank Eric Flynn and Paul Kokesh of EPJ Logistics and Tonic, for all of their help to sponsor and transport our display items. Additionally, we would like to thank Mike French ofThe George P. Johnson Company, Dan Reske and Colleen Weir ofMotor City Electric Company, Ed Guile of ASAP Printing, William Van Cleve of Foto 1 Imaging, and especially the Tanari Family, Bobby Whiting and Chris Michelin of Convention and Show Services. It is because of all of these individuals and companies that our display in Michigan Hall was made possible.

If you didn’t have a chance to see it in person, take a look at the pictures below for a tour!

Most Dedicated Team Members: November & December

Posted by Josh Frontiera On March - 9 - 2009

Due to the the two holiday breaks and final exam week playing havoc with our schedule, we got a bit behind in awarding the most dedicated team member award for November. As school just resumed, post winter break, we decided to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone and award both team members’ awards tonight.


For November, the Most Dedicated Team Member accolade went to Josh Frontiera. Josh spent many hours handling and staffing outreach events for the team as well as playing an active role in manufacturing Car 12 all month long. Due to his commitment and abilities to put the team ahead of many things in his life, it was easy to see that he deserved this special recognition. Congrats Josh!

The month of December is marked by a strong push in manufacturing – something that is necessary to keep the progress of the car going and take advantage of the lack of schoolwork during MSU’s winter break. Because of this, we knew that December’s Most Dedicated Team Member was most likely going to be someone who literally lived at the shop over break. We were pleasantly not surprised when that person was Adrienne Burger. Adrienne spent almost more hours at the shop over break than there were in the break itself! The team is truly indebted to Adrienne and those who follow in her footsteps. She serves as an excellent ambassador to all who want to be successful in the realm of Formula SAE. Congrats Adrienne, you have definitely earned this recognition!