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Winter Break

Posted by Dan Riggs On December - 21 - 2013

The end of the semester is here, and with it winter break, one of our busiest times of the year. Having completed the required safety testing, we have just begun constructing our chassis, the team’s fourth carbon fiber monocoque. The chassis lay-up is a month-long process that will continue through the semester break as the whole team pitches in and takes advantage of not having classes. There will be a lot of early mornings and late nights as we work to complete the chassis and the car as a whole. Winter break, the three weeks between semesters, is our most productive time of year as well as one of the most fun for the team since we can devote our full attention to the car.

Along with chassis construction, we will be finishing component manufacturing so that when the monocoque is complete we can begin assembling the car. Before beginning chassis lay-up, the team conducted our Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) testing at the Composite Vehicle Research Center. The CVRC was founded by our faculty advisor, Dr. Gary Cloud, for research on breakthrough composites. The CVRC also provides our team access to the technology for SES testing, in which we produce sample parts of the chassis and test that they are as strong as traditional steel-tube frame constructions.

Also, in December the team attended Michigan State University’s Design Day Competition. Students from the College of Engineering had the opportunity to have their engineering projects judged, and graduating seniors presented their capstone projects. Each year, the Formula Racing Team is invited to Design Day to display our cars as an example of a finished product of engineering design. Coming up in January the North American International Auto Show will be at Cobo Hall in Detroit and the Michigan State Formula Racing Team will once again have our cars on display from the 17th to the 26th. We love this incredible opportunity to participate in such a major event and look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Holidays!

Car 9 Manufacturing

Posted by Dan Riggs On November - 17 - 2013

Another school year is now well underway and with it, the production of next Michigan State Formula SAE vehicle, Car 9. We are currently finalizing design and are in the core of the manufacturing process. We focused the beginning of the school year on building a strong team and we have been very successful!

During October, the team participated in its first big event of the year, the MSU Homecoming Parade. This community event is great exposure for the program and lots of fun for team members. This year Car 15 was driven in the parade by Andrew Gryczan, a Michigan State Formula SAE alumnus who graduated in 2008. Also in October, several team leaders got to meet and talk with former Formula One and sports car racer Derek Daly about the necessity for successful racing teams to be cohesive and well-prepared.




2013-2014 Recruitment

Posted by Dan Riggs On August - 27 - 2013

The team is officially recruiting new members! Follow the team on campus to learn how to join. Listed are the locations, dates, and times of where the team will be:

Engineering Colloquium at the Engineering Building: Tuesday 8/27/13 (9:00 am-1:00 pm)
Sparticipation at Munn Field: Tuesday 8/27/13 (5:00 pm-8:00 pm)
The Rock: Wednesday 8/28/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Engineering Building: Thursday 8/29/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Wilson Hall: Tuesday 9/3/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Engineering Building: Wednesday 9/4/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
International Center: Thursday 9/5/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Engineering Building: Tuesday 9/10/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Wilson Hall: Wednesday 9/11/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)
Engineering Building: Tuesday 9/17/13 (10:00 am-4:00 pm)

The Main Recruitment Meeting will be held:
Engineering Building Rm 1345: Wednesday 9/18/13 (7:00 pm-9:00 pm)

It’s a New Season

Posted by Dan Riggs On August - 6 - 2013

The 2012-2013 season has finally come to an end! The MSU Formula Racing Team finished 10th place overall at Formula North and 23rd overall at FSAE Nebraska. At FSAE-Nebraska, we were well on our way to a top 5 finish (2nd in acceleration, 5th in autocross, and 7th in skidpad) until we had a minor starter motor failure at driver change during endurance. We were about 30 seconds late getting back to the start line, but were given the green flag. After one lap, the second driver was flagged in and we were disqualified for not completing the driver change within the allotted time.

It’s a new beginning for the team and we are looking to improve on both our successes and failures from this past year. The 2013-2014 season will prove to be a challenging and exciting year that we look forward to taking on. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support this past year and we look forward to working with you on Car 9!

9th Overall, 3rd in Endurance at FSAEM 2013

Posted by Evan Flynn On May - 14 - 2013

After a long and difficult build season, we have finally reached competition season! Our first competition, FSAE Michigan, was held last week at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI involving 120 teams from around the globe. This years MSU Formula Racing Team finished Third in Endurance and 9th overall! We are very proud of how we ended up, and we cannot wait to see where this upcoming year will take us!

Here is a link to some pictures from the competition, feel free to share it with everyone you know!

Ben Bosworth staging before a dynamic event

A Finished Chassis

Posted by Dan Riggs On March - 7 - 2013

Just a few weeks ago an exciting moment in Michigan State’s Formula SAE team’s year took place. A major milestone in any racing teams calendar was fulfilled. The teams carbon fiber monocoque chassis was returned from Pratt and Whitney’s autoclave and returned to our shop in all its glory. The completion of the chassis is a huge part of the manufacturing process and a big morale booster to all the team members, especially the chassis team. A team that has been putting in countless long days and nights. To see their hard work come together is a great feeling. A few members commented that unwrapping the chassis from its protective vacuum cover was like opening presents on Christmas morning. For other team members just seeing the completed chassis is a physical realization that Car 15 is coming together and no longer a bunch of segmented parts being worked on around the shop.

Competing the chassis was by no means easy or stress free. There were a few minor set backs and delays along the way, but the finished product came out beautifully. Thanks goes out to the hard work of our chassis team, especially chassis team leader Ben Bosworth and members Alex Williams, Saurabh Sinha, and Jocelyn Modelski. Thanks to our dedicated members diligent work and commitment we have a great looking chassis for Car 15.

Special thanks go out to our all our sponsors that donated the carbon fiber and other layup materials required to accomplish this project. Especially, Pratt and Whitney, Gurit, and TeXtreme.

Auto Show Success and Upcoming Events

Posted by Dan Riggs On January - 30 - 2013

Michigan State’s Formula Racing Team came well prepared for this years North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. The team had a beautiful display set up on the lower level of Cobo Hall. The display featured three of the teams most recent cars, a collection of the teams trophies, and an elegant lighting display donated by Skyline®. The Auto Show gave the team the chance to get out of the work shop and share their enthusiasm for racing and love of building race cars with the show’s visitors. The Auto Show turned out to be a great success and was enjoyed by everyone involved.


The team will also be promoting their cars at upcoming events around campus;

On Thursday, January 31st the team will be attending O-Night in Wilson Hall from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

On Sunday, February 17th team members will be at Impression 5 Science Center in downtown Lansing from 12:00- 4:30pm.

Christmas Break 2012

Posted by Dan Riggs On December - 18 - 2012

The semester has ended. For most students that means heading home for the holidays. However, the beginning of break for Michigan State’s Formula Racing Team means that the real work has just begun. Christmas break is the busiest time of year for the Formula team, and it is a time when the car really comes together. By the end of break, the team plans on completing a majority of the chassis fabrication along with numerous other projects. Our members are extremely committed and will be constantly rotating in and out over break to make sure that car 15 is on schedule for completion.

Car 15 Underway

Posted by Dan Riggs On October - 27 - 2012

Michigan State’s Formula SAE team has begun the initial stages of development for the 2012-2013 car, Car 15. Currently, all teams are meeting at the shop as new members are learning about the different systems they will be involved with on the car. The number of new recruits are up and the expectations for this years car are high as team leaders begin assigning tasks to new members. The team this year is hoping to incorporate an aerodynamics system on the car, an addition that should greatly improve the performance of this years car over years past.

The creation of Car 15 is underway, and MSU’s Formula Race Team is just getting the wheels turning on what should turn out to be a fantastic race car for the 2012-2013 season.


(Powertrain team members discussing the car at the shop)

Recruitment Questionnaire

Posted by David Caples On September - 16 - 2012

Recruitment Questionnaire:

The purpose of this questionnaire is for you to tell us about yourself. This is not an interview process! Also, it will help organize the logistics of providing rides to the shop, etc. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability and feel free to write as much as you need to answer the question.
* indicates required field

What areas within the team are you interested in? Rank from 0 to 5 with 5 being very interested.

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