Experimental Mechanics



Time and location:

MWF 12:40-1:30PM Room 2245EB

Required text:

Dally and Riley, Experimental Stress Analysis 4th Edition, College House Enterprises.
Additional instructional materials will be provided during the course, including some on the web.


Prof. Gary Cloud
Office: 3511EB
Phone: 3559574
email Prof. Cloud
Instructor office hours: TBA


Develop understanding of the methods of experimental mechanics and applications in engineering design and analysis.


Experimental Mechanics: Quantitative observation of the response of an object or objects to stimuli such as forces.


In all cases, emphasis will be placed on the physics which undergird the various techniques studied and also on basic laboratory implementation.
Questions to be answered for each technique:

Course Plan:

            Topic                                    App. class hrs.
resistance strain gages and transducers                         8
basic optics                                                    3
photoelasticity                                                 6
geometric moire                                                 3
optics (diffraction)                                            2
basic moire interferometry (option)                             3
holography and holointerferometry                               5
speckle methods                                                 5
motion measurement and accelerometers                           4
examinations                                                    4


Laboratories will be a mixture of demonstrations, simple experiments, and take-home exercises related to laboratory applications of the methods studied.
An additional hour per week, to be scheduled, will be required most weeks for these demonstrations. Required laboratory exercises will be arranged to suit your schedules.

Required laboratory exercises include:

Demonstrations in classroom and in lab include, among others:


Offered as an option for extra credit.


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