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  • National Acadamies of Sciences and Engineering selected Dean Aslam to present his FBEI modules at their Frontier of Engineering Education (FOEE) Symposium held in October 2012 in Irvine (CA)

Dr. Dean  M. Aslam is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate VP Americas of MANCEF, founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Nanosystems and Technology . . . Click on Profile for more details


Electrical and Computer Engineering, 428 S. Shaw Lane, Michgan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, U.S.A.


E-mail: aslam@msu.edu; deanaslam@gmail.com; Phone: 517-353-6329


Active Research Areas

Neural Engineering:

  • Mind-Controlled Prosthetics & Robots Using Brainwaves; fabric-embedded systems, watch video of a mind-control robot
  • Fabric-embedded Biomedical Inexpensive Bio Systems (BIMS) for 24-hour personal healthcare monitoring, neural disorders (ADD/ADHD, Altzheimer, PD), happiness monitoring,
  • Smart Homes with Mind-controlled Appliances & Devices, see IEEE Inst. report
  • BIMS and Image Processing for Early Detection of Neural Problems including Parkinson's Disease (PD)
  • DNA Inspired Active Network Arrays (DIANA); a new concept in computer engineering research and education

Renewable Energy Engineering:

  • Technology Assisted Smart Solarsystems (TASS)
  • Zero-energy Systems Using TASS; smart buildings, smart roads, smart street lights

Microdrones & Robotics:

  • Microdrones; Maple-seed inspired designs (an MSU/UM joint project);
  • Mind-Controlled Robots; watch a video
  • Programmable Robots using FBEIs; LEGO-like & Wall-climber robots

Microsystems and Packaging:

  • System Integration Technologies; 3D-inkjet-printeded packaging and control electronics,sensors, actuators, microcontroller programming,
  • Single Material MEMS (SMM) Fabrication Using Carbon-based Materials (UNCD, graphene, carbon nanotubes); neural electrodes & neural probe arrays (an MSU-UT Dallas joint project)

Transdisciplinary Research& Education:

  • Functionalized Bricks with Embedded Intelligence (FBEI)
  • Technology Assisted Bullying Study Using Smart Robots
  • Technology Assisted Dancing (TAD) using Fabric-embedded FBEIs
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