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Lakeshore Inc; Marquette, MI

The Lakeshore Inc. Site before redevelopment

The Lakeshore, Inc. site was an abandoned industrial facility in Marquette, MI. The facility was constructed around 1904 by the Lake Shore Engine Works who produced specialty equipment for the mining industry such as steam engines, furnace and milling machinery, boilers, hoists, and pumping equipment. Foundry and machining operations continued at this location and included the building of special materials- handling equipment for the Department of Defense. The facility was closed permanently in the mid 1990s after a labor dispute.

The TOSC program has provided educational sessions and document review for the Citizens for a Community Lake Shore. Documents reviewed include the Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) and the Remedial Action Plan (RAP). Representatives from the TOSC program have met with the community several times over the past several years. These information sessions were designed to inform and educate the public about the brownfields process and how it relates to the Lakeshore Inc. site.

The Midwest Hazardous Substance Research Center, Michigan State University.
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