Engineering students have the opportunity to study at Anadolu University (AU) in Eskisehir, Turkey through this direct enrollment program. Eskisehir is a vibrant city and is located about 4 hours by train from Istanbul. AU is known for its strong undergraduate and distance education programs.

Most engineering classes are taught in English and summer courses are open to both MSU and AU students. Field trips are scheduled most weekends to such locations as Istanbul, Ephesus, and Capadocia.

Program Contacts

Dr. Emin Kutay (kutay@msu.edu)
Or Maggie Blair-Ramsey (blairram@egr.msu.edu).

MSU Office of Study Abroad detailed program information (with printable brochure) for:

Engineering Study Abroad in Turkey

To view the details of this program, go to http://www.egr.msu.edu/turkey/


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 Check out the YouTube video "Life's an Adventure - MSU Turkey Study Abroad 2013." Published on Oct 18, 2013 by Laura Gumpper. "This past summer, I took a once in a lifetime trip to study abroad in Turkey for 8 weeks through Michigan State University. This trip changed my life and I cannot wait to travel in the future! Go Green!"


Turkey"Our first trip to a historical site in Turkey was to  Seyitgazi Town, its name in Turkish is Seyit Battal Gazi Turbesi. Seyitgazi is part of the province of Eskisehir, where our group is living for the entirety of the trip. The group of buildings (külliye) consists of a tomb and a mosque built on behalf of Seyyid Battal Ghazi in the beginnings of the XIIIth century, and historical buildings were added to this tomb and mosque after. Tomb and mosque were constructed in the era of Anatolian Seljukids. Other departments, such as imarethane (kitchen for the distribution of food to the poor), medrese (school) and tekke (convent of dervishes), were built in the Ottoman Period."

 Check out the video from their 2012 trip:


Host university:  Anadolu University