San Jose, Costa Rica

Located in beautiful-tropical Central America, this winter-break (two-week 4 credits minimum) program explores the design and performance of clean energy and water systems in the tropics.

Traveling on the program will be Universidad de Costa Rica peer faculty and students. Ecological carbon, water and energy footprints for bananas, rice and coffee will be used to categorize and evaluate system designs for sustainable economic, environmental and social systems.

Requirements: Minimum GPA 2.80. Coursework - Completion of a heat and mass transfer course. Coursework - Completion of a junior-level engineering design course or equivalent.

Program Contacts:

Professor Luke Reese (
Or Maggie Blair-Ramsey (blairram@egr.msu).

MSU Office of Study Abroad detailed program information (with printable brochure) for:

Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

Host Institution website: The Universidad de Costa Rica

Student Stories:

Testimonial by Jackie Thelen: "Ecological Engineering in the Tropics: Study Abroad in Costa Rica" (.pdf)

Photo of 9 students in Costa Rica on Winter Break
Testimonial by Dimitrius G. Innis
- "Going on my study abroad to Costa Rica (Winter Break 2012-2013) has been the best experience for my academic career. While on the study abroad, we experience many facets that greatly enhanced my pursuits toward my degree. Click here to read the full story!"

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