Aachen, Germany

An exceptional Summer opportunity for Mechanical Engineering students Aachen, Germany
at MSU exists with of the MSU-RWTH (Aachen) Program. Students who have met the stringent academic and self-discipline/self-reliant criteria for acceptance will study and conduct research (ME 490) at one of Europe's premier technical universities: The Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH).

Students will study the German language in the stimulating environment where it is spoken and daily life provides daily practice. It is expected that all students will have taken GRM 101 (or equivalent) and be in the GRM 102 or higher level course.

Most importantly, they will work in the research labs of the RWTH on an
ME 490 project. These projects place them in close contact with their
research hosts and, through this connection, our students directly
contact the German university system. These contacts allow them to learn how different that system is from our own.

An added benefit, embraced by past participants, is to execute this
9-credit study program with opportunities to travel in Europe on the
planned three-day weekends.

Pictures from past trips:

City Street   Aachen  
Aachen   Aachen, Germany  

Program Contact:
Dr. John Foss
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Michigan State University
A118 Engineering Research Complex
Phone: (517) 355-0299
E-mail: foss@egr.msu.edu

Host University: University of Technology, Aachen