About Us

Andrew Grossman

Andrew Grossman Profile

I am a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. I am the technical adviser for SPARTA. As the technical adviser I educate the students about the most apllicable retrofit technology solutions, and how these technologies work.

For SPARTA, I plan all the meetings, gain technical incite, and makes sure everything is approved before the technology is incoporated into the building.

I am originally from Rockford, Michigan. I am a big outdoorsmen, where in my free time I enjoy camping, fishing, and snowboarding. In my last three years at Michigan State University, I was a board member for "Engineers Without Borders". In the next few years at MSU I will do my best to make SPARTA as successful as I have with "Engineers Without Borders".

Benjaman Bennetts

Benjamin Bennetts Profile

I am an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering and a research assistant for SPARTA. As a research assistant, I am currently conducting a lighting analysis on MSU's Psychology Building, and assisting the group with other projects when needed.

I am originally from Traverse City, Michigan. Outside of academia, I am a hard working musician and an avid outdoorsman. Since I began here at Michigan State University, I have been an active member in the university's jazz program. While I finish my undergraduate studies, I am looking forward to enhancing my musicianship and working with SPARTA.

Stephanie Black

Stephanie Black Profile

I'm a Mechanical Engineering junior hoping to work on projects related to sustainability after graduation. In particular, I'd love to be involved with green energy, mass transit or recycling/reuse.

For SPARTA, I'm currently part of the Psychology building solar carport parking lot team. I'm looking forward to see what SPARTA can accomplish as we grow and find new ways to help MSU be as green as possible!

I'm working toward my second bachelor's degree after spending ten years in the graphic design field. I love reading, creative writing, weight training and snowboarding.

Yunhua Ding

Yunhua Ding Profile

I am Yunhua Ding, senior in Chemical Engineering. I was born in Nanning, Guangxi, China and came to the US in 2008. I joined in SPARTA in fall 2012 and served as a technical support staff in various projects.

My hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, tutoring and cooking. I like to swim and play badminton as well.