In case you missed it, here are the minutes from the meeting:-



In second week of Oct. or Septemper 25th??

After career gallery would work

booked twice the week before career gallery

as long as its not the end of Oct.

consensus for the middle of October

Real speakers from audio enthusiast

chocolate fountain?


Regionals - meet up with all SEC in midwest conference

Marquette University

Open for anyone who wants to go but only up to 8 members correction: E-board only!!

Oct. 17th through the 20th

Registration by 20th


Presidents Retreat

November 8th-10th

We will need volunteers!! — Chris


Blood Drive

MSU vs Penn State challenge!

Step up to run it?

Establishing a committee?

See Matt after meeting if you are interested


Science Night

Reaching out to the community

Please let Matt know if you are interested!

Nov. 7th

Email Matt for more information


New Possible Tasks - make people more aware of it. Help out The Center!

Stryker Challenge – all engineering students can go. Design and programming experience required

Arcelor Mittal – Steel industry TOURS Sept. 21st

Capillary Manufacturing TOURS Oct. 25th


Jennifer from the Center – Make people more aware of these opportunities. Have SEC get more people interested. Career Center not always comfortable making the decisions if we’re interested in it. Working more through SEC rather than the Center. Letting student leaders decide if we should do them. “Of course we’ll continue to help…You are the students, you know what is exciting..have you help us” We need a faculty member.

Vote: Do we want to take responsibilities, including promotion of these events? All or only one or two?

All in favor of Stryker? All (who voted) in favor

Acerolmital? All (who voted) in favor


People that are interested, please stay after a few minutes. Mike from MSES?? interested in ArcelorMital

TOPIC TABLED until further information

Capitol Area manufacturing and IT Associations?

What companies would we be visiting? TBD


Prioritizing how we would want to do these things! Matt will ask everyone to help out for these things! If you’re coming to us for help, are there ways to diversify the tours for smaller engineering organizations? Are there a way we can make accommodations to the smaller organizations?


Faculty Awards

If you have any nominations please email Chase Gunderud at gunderud@msu.edu


E-Week Chair Available

Make it more student run this year



Please sign up for O-Night: Week of October 8th

Faculty Awards


New Business

BMES – joint meetings? Talk to Chase.

Steel Bridge Team

Phi Epsilon



MSES – Talk to Mike if you are interested in meetings at  wydrzyns@msu.edu

Biosystems Engineering Club – Filling E-board, need SEC rep. 119 Farral Hall Wed. 6:30pm

Society of Plastic Engineers -  Parly Pro workshop on Oct. 10th 6:00 pm room 1255 Anthony

AiCHE – Andy: look for fliers! Hosting a lot these coming weeks.

Audio Enthusiast -

IEEE – looking for companies. Looking for joint meetings, multidisciplinary meetings.

NSBE  -  meeting tomorrow

SWI – largest turn out ever for SWI last week. Girl Scout Day

Sparta – sustainability projects

ASME – partnering with AiCHE this week.

SIES -  Welcome bash tonight! Meeting the 24th

EWOB – Room 2243 room, tomorrow, 5:30 pm.

Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers – First meeting this Thursday