0-Night Fall 2014

Organization Night is for all recruiting student clubs/organizations from the college of engineering. Each club/organization will have a table that they are responsible for staffing and decorating/advertising to provide students with information about their club/organization and how to join. We encourage innovation and creativity; please feel free to bring materials or host interactive activities¬†that set your organization apart from others. If you plan to bring materials that require special attention (e.g. safety concerns, needing access to an electrical outlet, needing two tables, etc.), please specify in the “special request” category; we may contact you for more information.

This event will be sponsored and advertised at no cost to your organization other than what you choose to produce at your table. All materials and engaging activities to recruit new members at your table is the responsibility of your organization.

Date: October 30

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Location: Wilson Hall


Register here to be a part of this event: https://docs.google.com/a/msu.edu/forms/d/11-2LYXcvzf7HVmOwffxlg4t3vVHQFQz4Ku_alcM4QNw/viewform