Resources & Services

The Career Services Network specializes in the early stages of career exploration and planning.  Students can get help developing a resume, seeking internships or other experiential learning opportunities.

The Diversity Programs Office (DPO) has positively impacted the academic, professional and personal growth of tens of thousands of underrepresented minority students through a range of programs. The DPO programs and services offered include The Guided Learning Center, supplemental advising, undergraduate scholarships, student volunteer opportunities, and more!

The Division of Engineering Computing Services (DECS), is working round-the-clock to provide you with the fastest and most powerful computing resources available, equipping eight computer laboratories with high-end UNIX and PC-based workstations.

The Division of Engineering Research (DER) serves research development and support needs of the College of Engineering.  DER services include cost-share and start-up funds, proposal signatures and submission, sponsorship of a weekly research seminar series, and more!

An electronic time sheet for Engineering bi-weekly employees. Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet.

After completing the time sheet, please submit to your department supervisor.

The Engineering Library, with its extended hours to accommodate the late-night and weekend needs of both students and faculty, is continuously expanding the resources that it carries, both in printed copy and over the Internet.

The Engineering Machine Shop and Industrial Project Lab (IPL) are full services shops that provide the students with the needed tools and equipment to design and manufacture projects.

The Guided Learning Center (GLC) is a resource for students provided by the Diversity Programs Office in the College of Engineering.The Academic Assistance program is designed to include supplemental instructions for first and second year students as well as for the more demanding and challenging courses in the engineering curriculum.

Whether you’re a first-year student or a doctoral candidate, learning takes time. With only so many hours in the day and so many days until the next test, it’s our mission to help you work smart. Together we can create a plan to efficiently maximize your strengths and help you reach your academic goals.

As an extra resource for our students, the Department of Mathematics offers a Math Learning Center. The goal of the Center is to provide a supportive atmosphere in which serious students can learn mathematics. Free tutoring services are provided to all students enrolled in MTH 1825 through MTH 235.

This is an 800 square foot facility that contains a number of class 100 downflow work areas, and an overall class environment of approximately 100.


The MSU Test Prep Consortium is a collaboration of on-campus units offering resources free of charge to MSU students preparing for national standardized exams, such as graduate and professional school entrance exams.

The primary purpose of the Office of Supportive Services is to assist students who, for diverse reasons, have not had sufficient opportunities to prepare for the challenges of higher education. OSS works to enable these students to develop coping and self management survival skills for success within the University. OSS also provides motivation, academic advising, social counseling, personal planning, career guidance and skill enrichment seminars.

The RCPD's mission is to:

  • Provide disability-related information and referrals
  • Identify population, document disability and conduct needs assessments
  • Facilitate reasonable accommodations
  • Provide disability-related technical assistance, auxiliary aids/services, advocacy and training

The Statistics Help Room is a great resource for students seeking additional guidance in any statistics course.

Students are encouraged to join and participate in applicable professional or student-run groups and organizations. This experience can help students gain valuable knowledge as well as the ability to meet new people. Below we have listed the Engineering student groups, organizations available

In addition to conducting trend-setting research, the college provides testing for companies on a fee-for-service basis. Sophisticated instrumentation is available for analysis, processing, fabrication, and characterization of materials.

The Center has it all - Career Exploration, K-12 Outreach, Employer Connections, Alumni Networking and Faculty Links.

The Mission of the Women in Engineering Program is to encourage women of all backgrounds to pursue careers in Engineering. We strive to collaborate with others in the College and the University to provide an environment that is conducive to all students’ success, providing opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth, and to serve the needs of all our constituents.